What’s one piece of clothing you can throw on winters or summers and still earn a solid 10 on the trend-o-meter? Yes, you guessed it right. Denim jackets! 

A staple outfit piece for both men and women alike, denim jackets or jean jackets as they were called, have more dress code history than some of our founding fathers. Denim jackets are extremely versatile and don’t need to be tucked away in your closet no matter what the season. This uber usable staple outfit if styled properly, can truly reflect your taste and personality. 

Contrary to popular belief, denim is no longer just a classic blue jacket – you can find uber stylish denim jackets in faded blues, whites, blacks and many other colors. And guess what? They look just as trendy!

Whether it’s pairing up a classic denim wash over your night dress or throwing in an extra denim layer over a classic T-shirt paired up with chinos, there is no limit to the number of outfits you can design and style with just a single denim jacket. 

For more on how to style your denim jackets to truly steal the show, up next some of the easiest and trendiest style tips and top 5 ways to wear women’s denim coats & jackets this season! 

1. Denim on Denim 

A classic combination, denim or denim and sometimes otherwise known as the ‘’Canadion tuxedo’’ is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. However, it takes just a few of the top fashion tips and hacks to make this combination look extremely stylish and also chic. 

The trick with this combination is to just keep it simple – don’t overdo this classic outfit with too many accessories or add a pop of color. A crisp white T-shirt paired up with your favorite sneakers is the most common yet casual-stylish look of the season. Pair this up with your favorite sunnies (if it’s sunny) or a scarf if it’s breezy and step out the door in style. 

Denim on denim is also the most apt reflection of the new monochromatic fashion wave, so don’t worry, you are completely in fashion! 

Some of the top denim on denim combinations: 

  1. Faded blue denim on denim
  2. Classic blue denim on denim 
  3. White denim on denim (our top style pick!) 
  4. Black denim on denim 

2. Denim Jacket with a casual dress 

One of the top style picks for this and also last season, denim jackets paired up with a casual dress is the perfect look for a movie night, a quick party at your best friend’s place or even to hit the university. 

A subtle combination of casual and sassy, denim jackets can be easily paired up with floral or solid colored dresses. However, denim jackets paired up with pastel colored dresses is a whole different fashion mantra – one that we actively endorse and preach. 

A low cut casual dress with denim jackets leaves room for some of our favorite accessories too – a delicate necklace or statement earrings with this outfit is the top style pick of this season. Remember, casual yet sassy is the way to go! 

Some more on this, pair up your denim jackets with a white, baby pink, faded yellow or a baby blue dress to combine some of nature’s finest hues of color. 

3. Denim Jacket with Patterned Pants 

 If your style is more of the head-turner type, this top style pick is definitely for you. Denim Jackets can be paired up nicely with any of your brightest, loudest pants if you are looking to make a bold statement or pry some eyes away from their day to day mundane activities onto your stylish being. 

When it comes to patterned, graphic pants there is no one right answer – all types of patterns including florals, snake prints and abstract patterns are bold enough to make a statement. You can partner any of your classic blue denim overall with your favorite bootlegged pants and combine the best of two season’s picks in a single outfit. 

Patterned bootlegs have picked up  pace after last season and looks like they are here to stay. Not only is this a bold style statement but also feels comfortable. Pair this up with your favorite silk headband, flashy earrings and you are the perfect embodiment of this season’s style inspired by the 80s. 

4. Denim Jacket with a Hoodie 

No outfit combination on this planet screams more urban than this look – a denim jacket paired up with a hoodie. An extremely comfortable outfit, this one denim jacket style will have you feeling like you are ready to head into a sprint or to lie feet up on your couch for a nap. 

While extremely casual, this look is effortlessly trendy and chic especially to the urbanized and millennials. If you come to think of it, a denim jacket is a natural sparring partner to a hoodie since both of them are low-key and weekend staples. 

5. Denim and Leather 

A tale for the ages, denim and leather is one fashion combination that restores your trust in the world of fashion. Denim and leather paired up together is the perfect amount of sugar and spice in one outfit. It is also the perfect balance of casual and formal. 

Pair up your favorite, classic denim jacket with leather pants or leather skirts – whichever you own and prefer to elevate your denim look. It will instantly give your look a glamorous yet laid-back feel which is difficult to achieve in a single combination. 

Towards the end of our top 5 ways to wear denim jackets this season, we end with the most common fashion advice – pick a style that’s original, feels like you and hits home. Nothing is more fashionable than the contentment of wearing what feels like home.