Learning new skills is beneficial, as it enhances your knowledge, adds value to your resume, and keeps your mind engaged. Graphic designing has grown as one of the most crucial skills to learn in this digital and competitive era. What is graphic designing? It is visual content whose sole purpose is to transmit a message to people with a specific goal. 60% of people feel comfortable acknowledging visual information. 

Today, everything is growing digital from education to business. Graphics design plays a crucial role in almost all aspects, like businesses, marketing, promotions, branding, etc. It is an interdisciplinary domain, and students can potentially build their careers in the graphic design field. Several online graphic design courses are available for design-minded people within the budget level. They may get confused to choose the right one. Below are some top graphics design courses to take in 2021. 

Top 5 Graphic Design Courses In 2021

  • Graphics Design Specialization

Graphics Design Specialization is a graphic design course that teaches learners about conceptual and formal tools used in graphics design. This course acts jump-start for individuals who wish to work in motion graphics, editorial design, and interface design. Candidates will learn all the fundamental expertise required to become a graphics designer and communicate effectively via visual content. 

After completing this course, one gains skills, like visual communication, graphics design, branding communication, creativity, design theory, Adobe Illustrator, color theory, typography, graphics, and Adobe Indesign. Individuals will have their own capstone project to add to their resumes. 

  • Basics Of Web Development & Coding Specialization

Graphics design certification is Basics Of Web Development & Coding Specialization. In the course, candidates will gain in-depth knowledge about creating responsive and interactive web designs with JavaScript and writing correct HTML and CSS codes. After pursuing this course, individuals can build top-notch interactive and reactive websites for mobiles or tablets. 

Upon completing this course, individuals can possess a professional web-portfolio that will illustrate their expertise in web design. They will have a strong knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, web design, and advanced styling. 

  • Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe Illustrator CC is one of the standard applications utilized by designer professionals for printing, multimedia, and online graphics. The Adobe Illustrator CC certification validates candidates for their expertise in handling this vector application and developing creative designs. This certification is suitable for everyone, from beginners to experienced. 

In this course, individuals gain knowledge of creating vector graphics for logos, web layouts, design posters, flyers, etc. They can make more intricate designs through Scatter and Pattern brushes and Art, which include raster images. Koenig Solutions pursue Adobe Illustrator CC training, basic computer knowledge is necessary. 

  • Revit Structure

The graphic design course offered by Koenig Solutions is Revit Structure certification. This course validates candidates for their knowledge in Autodesk Revit Structure and Building Data Modelling. It teaches the Autodesk Revit Structure software illustrate principles and ideas from building design to construction documentation. 

Individuals will have in-depth knowledge about using the Revit Structure software and other tools required to develop, modify, and document the data model. The Revit Structure course is specially designed for novice Revit design individuals. There are prior skills required to pursue this certification. Engineering, architectural, and drafting experience will be a bonus. 

  • Adobe InDesign CC

The Adobe Indesign CC application enables designer professionals to develop impressive designs for mobile devices, printing, or web. Having the Adobe InDesign CC certification demonstrates that individuals have a strong understanding of using this standalone application for annual reports, editorial designs, interactive PDF documents, book design, and desktop publishing. 

Upon completing this course, candidates can create tables, work with lengthy documents, form fields, objects, and master pages to set up documents, develop an attractive style and typography for the record, create an e-book and interactive documents, professional-looking colour documents, and iPad publications. 


Above are the top five graphic design certifications to learn in 2021. For individuals wishing to start their career in the graphic designing field can choose any of the above certifications. Koenig Solutions is one of the cutting-edge online platforms that offer the best graphics design certification training.