It is our tradition to celebrate special occasions with our loved ones. And cakes and gifts are the centrepieces of all celebrations. If you plan to throw a surprise party for your loved ones, it is essential to have a lip-smacking and well-decorated cake and thoughtful gifts to express your love and best wishes. With various special occasions to celebrate with a cake, there are multiple cakes from which to choose. Some of these cakes include vegan cakes, designer cakes, and pinata cakes. Online bakeries provide a seamless way for anyone to order cakes online from the comfort o their homes. In this post, we share the top trending cakes to surpriser your loved ones. Take a look.

Vegan cakes

There is no limit to the customisations you can incorporate on vegan cakes. Some heart-warming cake options include black forest, heart-shaped, red velvet, tier, vanilla cakes, and chocolate cakes. So, if you have any special vegan cake requests – simply instruct your cake shop to follow your specifications.

Designer cakes

Designer cakes are one of the best ways to entice your loved ones with their favourite designs and themes. Surprise your loved ones on special occasions with a personalised designer cake. The top trending options for designer cakes are unicorn, cartoon, photo, purse, and superhero/heroine cakes. Take the designer cake to the next level and personalise the cake to imitate your loved one’s favourite brand. And remember to choose your loved one’s favourite cake flavours.

Pinata cakes

If you are looking for a trending cake to surprise your loved one on his or her birthday, then pinata cakes are the best option. There is no better way to have it than making your lip-smacking cake wish and have it come true when you pop the chocolate cake crust. You can also hide small surprises like keys, jewellery, chocolate gems, and a treasure map for more gifts. Check out a variety of other lip-smacking cakes from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Jar cakes

It can be a challenge to store cake leftovers and a lot difficult to perfectly store a cake to enjoy while on the go. If you or your loved ones wish to have the cake on the go, then jar cakes are the best cake option. The best part about jar cakes is that they come in reusable glass containers to store cakes and treats too! Surprise your loved ones with their favourite cake flavours in portable jars.

Half cakes

If you plan to surprise your loved one living miles away with a cake, you should consider half cakes. Half cakes are some of the most popular cakes you can surprise your loved ones since they cater to a limited number of people. Surprise your better half with a half-heart designer red velvet cake, and order the other one to your address so that you share the same cake at the same time. You can have the empty side of the cake decorated with a name, photo, message, and even gifts.


If you are hosting a celebration with your extended family, in-laws, or someone you know little about, then cupcakes are the best pick. Surprise your loved ones with assorted cupcake flavours to cater for everyone’s needs. You can have the cakes personalised to form the number of years on a birthday or anniversary. And you can also have the cupcakes personalised with other creative and trending designs. You will surely be in the hearts and best wishes of your loved ones.

In Conclusion

Now that you know the top trending cakes to surprise your loved ones on special occasions. Search for a reputable bakery store that offers online cake delivery to your loved one’s doorstep. Make a shortlist of the leading bakery stores. Compare cake varieties, prices, and if the bakery stores can avail delivery to the location. For a more convenient online cake shopping experience, choose a store that has a cake delivery app.