The truth is that more people than ever are interested in the environment and saving the planet, if this is still possible. Of course, repurposing your old couch isn’t just good for the environment, it can also be beneficial for your wallet.

Before you start repurposing, it is important to clean the couch. If you don’t you will taint the repurposed product with dirt and debris, effectively shortening its life. Whether you have a textile or leather couch you’ll find it beneficial to let the specialists in leather sofa cleaning handle this part for you.

Of course, you can clean it yourself. Simply brush, vacuum, and then gently wash with soap or a suitable detergent. But, you should note the professionals are likely to do a better job.

You’ll then be ready to repurpose the old couch

Paint The Edging

If your couch has wooden edging then paint it, you’ll transform the look of the couch. If it’s a textile couch you can even paint the couch itself with textile paint. That’s one way of ensuring it’s unique, fits your room and personal style, and looks fantastic.

You can then continue using your couch.


This is a great option as you can change the look of the couch and improve the comfort at the same time. 

The first step is to look at the cushions and see if the covers can be removed. If they can, take them off, you’ll want to make new ones. If not, you can work over them or cut them off. 

With the covers off you should be able to add additional foam or cushioning to the couch, effectively making it even more comfortable. 

You can then cover the old fabric or create new cushion covers from scratch. There is n limit regarding the colours you choose and the finish. 

The result will be an old couch that looks and feels like a new one.

Change The Trim

If your couch has a trim or skirt then remove it. Alternatively, if it doesn’t have one, add one. Both will change the look and feel of the couch, making it feel like a new one.

Change Legs

You can remove the legs from most old couches surprisingly easily. It will then be possible to add new shorter or longer legs. More importantly, it is possible to change the style of the legs. Wooden legs can become metallic and vice versa. You can even opt for angles of criss crossed legs to change the look of your couch. 

Simple Touches

If the couch is generally in good condition but you’ve just had it a long time, you may simply want to add a throw and change the cushions. This can add colour to an old couch, tie it in better to a newly decorated room, and yet costs nearly nothing. 

Whatever you decide to do, it’s worth trying to repurpose an old couch. After all, they say it is better the devil you know and you probably know everything about your old couch.