A glass balustrade acts as a safety barrier in the same way that more traditional balustrades do, such as iron railings and even wooden deck surrounds. However, a glass balustrade is much more than just a safety feature. It allows light through to illuminate their area behind and even below. Glass can also be crafted in a number of ways to create a stunning effect. 

You simply need to use an expert in glass balustrades Sydney and a little imagination, along with these tips, to use your glass balustrades to dramatic effect.

Keep It Plain

Stairs need balustrades but there is nothing more striking than knowing the balustrade is there even when you can barely see it!

It’s possible to use glass panels and nothing else to create a see-through and virtually invisible balustrade. A frameless balustrade creates a striking image!

Frosted or Patterned

Another way to use glass balustrades to positive and dramatic effect is to use frosted glass. Specifically, it needs to be patterned or have a design of your own choosing on it. You can even add colour segments to create the desired effect. If you have a family crest or wish to design one this can be a great way to incorporate it into your home and ensure others notice it. 

Whether you want a fire-breathing dragon or a romantic picture of you and your partner, it can be etched into the glass and will transform any area.


You don’t need to have a frameless glass balustrade to illuminate the space behind and below. A glass balustrade can create a dramatic effect simply by carefully positioning mirrors or even pictures on the walls and allowing natural light to flood the area. 

This works because it illuminates areas that are usually dark and dismal, creating a stunning effect with very little effort.

Stained Glass

To really make a statement with your glass balustrade you should consider adding stained-glass images to one or more pieces of the balustrade. The effect is instant and catches the eye. With the right light, a stained glass image can look magical. 

Back Lighting

To enhance the look of your glass balustrades consider having lights fitted behind them or into the balustrade. It is best to use LED lights and choose ones that can change colour. This will allow you to create a dramatic effect and set the mood at the same time. 

Complement The Floor

Whether your balustrade is fitted to stairs or a balcony you can continue the dramatic look by making the floor glass as well. It’s exhilarating and slightly terrifying to look down and see nothing beneath your feet. It certainly creates a dramatic effect.

There are many other options when installing glass balustrades. The trick to ensuring the balustrades are used to dramatic effect is to let your imagination run wild. You may be surprised at what is possible. All you have to do is talk to the experts, they’ll handle the rest.