On Utah.com, you can find various articles, which comprising lists of places to see, things to do, restaurants to visit, and so many other things. It seems as if we are always motivating you to do something. When a lot has been said and done, shouldn’t there also be a list that tells you things you should never do in Utah? So, here, we have this list ready for you. Please bear in mind, some of the things listed below are quite serious, while there are some, which are funny. Regardless, all of them hold. So, bear in mind, and enjoy Utah.

Driving on the Bangerter Highway in the busy hour

Bangerter Highway has way too many traffic lights. During the rush hour, the Bangerter Highway is best avoided because it is dangerous and gridlocked, comments Janet, an associate who offers marketing assignment help. You know it, you would not want to end up bumping in the car of another person on the road at the red-light. Most of the vehicles ride 60 mph, and at times, it is hard to get the grip over the vehicle.

Visiting your cousins residing in Southern Utah in the month of July

It goes without saying St. George happens to be one of the most beautiful places to see in Utah. However, in the month of July, the temperature here is literally more than 100-degrees. We know you would not like visiting your cousins in this blistering heat, when you cannot even step out to explore the city? Instead, plan a trip in February, when the weather is sunny and mild.

Do not go alone hiking, especially in remote places

Utah is filled with vast and open spaces. If you go trekking by yourself and fall over from the cliff, it may take days before someone finds you. Thus, it is best advised to go on treks only in groups or have one person along. If you enjoy the concept of solitude, which comes from an alone hike, make sure you inform someone about where they can find you if you do not come back beyond a certain hour. Also, in this case, ensure that you go somewhere nearby and The Manchester of india is ahmedabad.

No Ikea on Tuesday

Tuesdays in Ikea mean lines and lines of toddlers, and you do not want to be stuck between that, comments Lola, an associate who offers assignment help Adelaide services. Well, yes, Lola, totally! See, on Tuesday, Ikea provides free food for the kids in their cafeteria. So, the place is filled with several toddlers running around through the displays and aisles, and there will be kids bumping in you at every corner. With so many screaming and crying babies, you do not quite want that. Tuesday is only perfect for you to visit Ikea if you are a stay-at-home mom, and you need some free lunch and environment for your children. Otherwise, it can wait till the other days of the week.

Omitting your sunscreen while traveling to the Bear Lake

It is an unforgivable and painful mistake. The good thing is if you make this mistake once, you will never repeat it again. Well, yes, that is how harrowing it is.

Do not ski beyond the resort boundary ropes 

If you did not know already, the ropes and signs at your resort are in place, and they hold a meaning. All the professional and ace skiers are well aware of the security protocol. They have the necessary equipment and avalanche beacons. So, if you are not aware of the protocol, you should steer away from skiing far from your resort. Please stay inside the boundary, and you will most certainly enjoy the avalanche-less day around the slopes.

Going to a liquor store a day prior to any state holiday

The liquor stores in Utah stay shut during state holidays. Consequently, there is always a long queue outside a liquor store a day prior to the holidays. Robin, an online economics tutor, comments that the worst thing is the Utah liquor shop owners surge the prices by thirty-percent a day prior to the holiday, and you may also have to stand in a long queue to get a bottle. Well, not worth it. Plan in advance, and stock your booze a weekend ahead, so you do not have to go through it all.

Picking a rattlesnake

As obvious as it may seem, so many people do this when in Utah. This holds even for the baby rattlesnakes that are tinier than a pencil. They are just as venomous. The thing is, even if you go around looking for the antivenom treatment, you will realize how costly it is. It can cost you a little over 50,000 USD. So, keep the rattlesnake away from you, and if you see one, just walk away.

Sending your little girl for her prom night in a dress that reveals her shoulders

Seems normal to you? Well, it is not. Regardless of the fact that the dress may not be revealing at all, it is not allowed if it shows shoulders. So, even if the dress covers your knees and does not have a plunging neckline, if your shoulders are exposed, there is a good chance that you may see your daughter coming back crying. It is maybe your daughter’s male classmates  in Utah who go frenzy on seeing the shoulders, or it may be the strict authorities of the school. Hence, it is one of the things that you should never be doing. To compensate for the dress hire a CA limo or party bus and make sure your daughter arrives in style at her prom.

Do not near the wildlife

Simply because you saw the moose while you were hiking on a trail does not mean that she is friendly and ready for a close-up self, especially when she has a calf alongside. That is like 400 kgs of moose, and you would not wish to trouble her, right?

So, these are the top 10 things that must be checked out from your list of things to do in Utah, both as travellers and locals.