Fusion cuisine is ideal for creative cooks since it allows for extreme levels of thinking creatively. Traditional tastes and ingredients combined with westernized inspirations and preparation skills might be the right recipe for magnificent culinary creations.

It’s no surprise that the fusion approach is so prevalent within the Thai restaurant sector. Food is a huge source of delight in life, and creating new dishes for your friends and family is often a challenge. 

Following are 4 must-have components commonly used for Thai food and how to use them in your Western food:

1.  Curry

Curry is made using a sophisticated blend of herbs and spices that offer it a depth of flavor unlike any other. Each blend is distinct, with a distinct color, amount of spiciness, flavor, scent, and consistency. Filipino food, for example, utilizes yellow, turmeric-rich curry in stews, but Thai cuisine utilizes green curry, produced with green chilies, in soups, or as dipping sauces!

This spice powder may be used to make creamy sauces, stews, glazes, or even rubs, particularly when combined with coconut cream or milk. When reduced to a thick sauce, you may easily combine it with your favorite protein for extra flavor.

At the best restaurant Thailand, you will enjoy various fusion foods with curry as part of the ingredients.

2.  Lime

Southeast Asian food is recognized for its rich flavors, with dishes frequently combining sweet, sour, and salty tang. Some even include the spiciness that spicy food lovers want. You may add a crisp touch to your recipes by using citruses such as lime.

This sour fruit may be used to make a glaze for your version of Chinese Lemon Chicken using lime instead! Lamb Spareribs are another option; the lime lends a zestiness that complements the deep meaty flavors.

3.  Coconut milk

Coconut water is highly recommended by health experts, and vegans like this non-dairy and creamy substitute! It’s made by shredding the interior flesh of a ripe coconut and then straining it through a cheesecloth using water. Coconut milk does have a mild oiliness, making it an excellent substitute for milk. It’s even utilized as an ingredient in curry meals, both savory and sweet. You may even use it as a milky syrup that you drizzle over rice and serve with mango. You can reinvent this traditional Thai dessert by offering it in cups.

4.  Tamarind

Tamarind is a nutrient-dense superfood that is gaining popularity. The dark fruit, which develops in a pod, is frequently used in pastes, sauces, and meals. It can also be used to make beverages and pastries! This sticky and sour-sweet fruit may be utilized in both savory and sweet recipes and can be found in Filipino, Indian, and even Thai food.

A delightful cup of Iced Tamarind Tea is a healthy meal suggestion for a sunny day! For a spicy start, make a tamarind sauce that may be used on some Smoked Chicken Tacos alongside a sour Mango Tamarind Chutney. You may also use it to make a simple dessert dish.

Final Word

There you have it! These are some of the Thai spices you can add to your Western food.

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