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Rewiring an entire house is a complex job that must be completed by a professional. While in essence the process simply involves running wiring through the property, in practice this is complicated by the infrastructure of the building.

Voltage drops, loads, and other factors also need to be considered. On top of this, the law requires a qualified electrician, such as this electrician in Sydney to undertake this type of work.

Although you may not be able to do the work yourself, you should be aware of the warning signs that tell you your property needs rewiring.


One of the biggest factors in deciding to rewire is the age of the current wiring. The consensus is that the copper inside your wiring will last approximately 100 years. However, the outer sheath will only offer protection for between 50-75. 

That means, if your wiring hasn’t been touched in 50 years or more, you’re going to need to consider a complete electrical rewire. 

Pest Problems

One of the biggest problems most electrical wiring systems face is pests. A variety of pests can damage electrical wiring but rodents are generally considered as the worse. They will gnaw through the outer sheath and leave your wire unprotected, potentially allowing for short circuits. These can start a house fire. 

If you have had a pest problem then it’s a good idea to have your wiring checked, it may be time for a rewire.

Constantly Tripping Breakers

There are several reasons why a circuit breaker can trip, such as an overload on the circuit or a bad appliance. But, if your breakers are constantly tripping for no apparent reason you should suspect the wiring and, at the least, get it inspected. Consider installing type ev rcd for safety.

Flickering Lights

One light flickering is an indication that you have a problem with the bulb and probably nothing more unless it continues to do it after the bulb has been replaced. 

But, several lights flickering tells you that there is an issue with the circuit. In short, you may be looking at rewiring your home. 

Burning Smell

The smell of electrical burning is distinctive and unpleasant. It is also a warning sign that something is not right in your electronics. While it can be due to an overloaded circuit or bad wiring in a socket, it can also be a sign that your electrics are near the end of their life. 

Lack Of Sockets

Modern houses use far more electrical sockets than their older counterparts. This is because we have become more reliant on electricity. If you start noticing that you are using a lot of extension cords and don’t have enough sockets, you’re going to need more sockets added. 

While it is possible to extend existing circuits, this can be a sign that you should rewire your home.

Final Thoughts

In all cases, the best approach to electrical safety and rewiring is to get a professional to check your system regularly. An annual electrical inspection can help you to be prepared for issues and ensure the rewiring is done when it needs to be.