Let’s look at ten reasons you should invest in some Replica Jordans  instead of kicking it old school with your oxfords and loafers.

1) Your feet get more exercise. 

Most people spend about eight hours every day standing on their feet. Shoe companies have poured much money into the shoes we wear to make them as comfortable as possible. This includes things like foam soles, footbeds, and cushioning materials. But all of that padding sits in your closet, slowly losing its effectiveness over time. Monica Sneakers stay intact over time.

2) Better looking. 

Let’s face it. If you’re rocking dress shoes Monday morning through Thursday, you might be considering some kicks for Friday and Saturday night. Dressing in Monica sneakers allows you to get the most out of your outfits with a more casual, comfortable and relaxed look.

3) Better breathable. 

. Sneakers do not have the same added padding around the toes and heel as dress shoes do. This means that all that padding is not just sitting dead weight on your feet all day, but it also allows air to circulate better around your feet because there is less material blocking the movement of oxygen.https://www.monicasneaker.org/ offers high quality sneakers 

4) Save money. 

One $300 pair of Replica Jordans    can last you a lifetime if you invest in a durable brand and take good care of them. Unfortunately, $300 shoes are not the most comfortable or perfect looking shoes. If the shoes  are the wrong fit or uncomfortable, you’re ripping yourself off by spending that kind of cash on something that won’t see much use. On the other hand, sneakers are better as there is less chance of getting the wrong size 

5) Better for your feet. 

If you’re wearing sneakers and not shoes, you’re letting your body do all the work to take care of your feet. Your feet are not being squished against flat soles, and there isn’t that massive increase in pressure that comes when you’re wearing shoes with much padding. You can tell as soon as you start moving around, but it takes a while before they feel great.

6) You can still be stylish while wearing them. 

If you’re thinking about going for a run, but you have to wear nice clothes afterwards, you can still wear your workout kicks with a pair of jeans or shorts. Many women do it all the time, and even more men are doing it too


There is nothing wrong with rocking those comfortable, casual sneakers down by the river or in the middle of nowhere. You can be as fashionable as you want if you’re willing to get a little dirty.All of that extra padding and material in your dress shoes is doing you more harm than good if it’s not being used.