The popularity of mobile gaming has skyrocketed over the past few decades. Candy Crush, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Pokemon Go, and now Wordle are all well-liked mobile games. As mobile gaming grows, there will be an increased need for fresh ideas for mobile games, especially on Android.

This expansion can be attributed to several interconnected phenomena, such as the general rise in mobile phone ownership, the accessibility of powerful mobile gadgets, and the general improvement in the caliber of mobile video games. Mobile games now make up 42% of the market, according to Statista. If you are looking for the best mobile games and app development services, you can connect with a Mobile app development company in Dubai.

Your preparedness to face the challenges and hazards of the gaming industry can be greatly enhanced by familiarizing yourself with current trends in game creation for generating unique real-time strategy games. Your game’s potential audience’s wants and habits can also be studied. Before we get into the 2023 mobile game creation ideas, you need to know the actual gaming business figures.

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How Do You Brainstorm Innovative Mobile Game Concepts?

To make a money-making game, you need to study market trends. Determine which types of mobile games have had the most impact and why. Creating innovative concepts for mobile games might be difficult; here are some guidelines to help you get started. You can use all of these things to your advantage. Using these guidelines, you can determine who you’re writing for, zero in on a specific technique, and study the marketplace.

Therefore, let’s look at several techniques that can inspire innovative mobile game concepts.

1. Allow your environment to serve as a source of ideas

To spark your imagination and start thinking of original game concepts, you must closely examine the world around you. Focus on the minutiae, such as the people and places around you.

When you pay attention to the processes in your environment, you may find inspiration in unexpected places. A novel and interesting idea for a video game could be sparked by anything. Games with more realistic graphics have a greater impact on players. Use cues from real-world elements to inspire your games to keep players engaged.

Games like SimCity and the Grand Theft Auto series have succeeded in drawing in players by simulating real-world situations.

2. Participate in all upcoming games

It’s easier to be creative when there are already so many games. But you can use an already-established game as a springboard to create a fresh take on the genre.

It’s beneficial to play games outside of your preferred genre every once in a while. Start with the pillars of the industry, branch out to more experimental titles, and then return to the mainstream.

3. Stay on Top of New Gaming Developments

Keep track of the mobile games trending and the genres and charts they fall under. Investigate well-liked games to find out what makes them so enjoyable. Some of the things that reviewers mentioned in connection with those games may be transferable to your creations.

PUBG titles are by far the most played and downloaded among smartphone games. AppsFlyer and UXCam may help you with app analytics by letting you watch the market and learn what users like and dislike.

4. Apply the SCAMPER Method

According to the App Store, Color Switch has received 50 million downloads or more, making it one of the most popular games worldwide. Many other game designers have been inspired by the SCAMPER process they utilized to produce their mobile games.

Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Purpose, Eliminate, and Rearrange (SCAMPER) is an acronym that describes a set of actions. Implement these ideas to provide your players with a more satisfying gaming experience.

5. Choose the Appropriate Medium

Before publishing your gaming app, decide which platforms you intend to support. Numerous well-liked games are available for download on both Android and iOS. However, it is highly recommended that the launch be prepared for both channels.

A recent economic analysis places mobile gaming’s share of global gaming income at 59%. This paves the way to a massive audience on both platforms, where your games can gain a dedicated following.

6. Learn from the World’s Leading Game Publishers

King, Coinmaster, Bridge Race, and Roblox are some of the most successful mobile game developers. They’ve got amazing, lengthy backstories to tell. Do as they say and model your game design after their distinctive approaches.

Monetization, PR, community management, social media management, marketing, advertising, and app store optimization are just a few areas covered.

7. Don’t Forget About User Interface and Experience

Mobile games are made to provide players with unlimited fun and excitement. In addition to player preference, game style is crucial when considering the overall game experience. In the mobile gaming business, titles like Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga have made waves because of their polished UI/UX.

Critiquing Ideas for Mobile Games

Concept evaluation for mobile games requires looking at several aspects that make or break a game. Here are some criteria to use when judging a mobile game idea:

1. Figure out who you’re trying to reach

Identifying the intended demographic before judging a mobile game’s potential success is crucial. You must identify the target audience and learn about their demographics, interests, preferences, and play habits.

2. Examine the game’s mechanics

A mobile game’s game mechanics must be interesting and fun to keep players invested and enthusiastic. Check if the concept introduces a new and interesting way to play the game or if it’s just another variation of an old theme. Think about how difficult it is and whether or not the game strikes a good balance between demanding and enjoyable.

3. Evaluate the video and sound quality.

The graphics and sound of a mobile game are crucial to its overall quality. Determine if the visuals and sound are sufficient quality and interesting to the intended audience.

4. Research the Rivalry

To see how your idea for a mobile game stacks up against others on the market, you must first familiarize yourself with existing titles in the same genre. Think about what makes your game special and how it stands out.

5. Think About Its Commercial Potential

The viability of an idea for a mobile app development depends on how appealing it is to potential players. Determine if the game’s concept is novel enough to draw players and if it can be profitable.

6. Put It to the Test

It is recommended to conduct focus groups or release a prototype to a small audience before fully investing in developing a mobile game. Before releasing the final version, you’ll be able to get more input and find bugs more easily.

Considering the criteria above, a mobile game’s viability and commercial potential can be gauged.


Finding that one particular idea is different from what matters most. Everything depends on how it is done. Create prototypes, experiment, evolve, take chances, and, most importantly, never give up hope.

All ages enjoy playing mobile games in the action, adventure, puzzle, card, and board game genres. These tools could be useful in developing your concept for a compelling mobile game into a fully playable product.