Getting a general notion of how your app will appear and function comes next after deciding what it will do and who it is for. You create a mockup with the Software development company for this. The app development agency creates a black or white outline of every screen in your app, complete with all the buttons or as much text as it can fit.

Although a professional app development agency should create the final mockups, the templates in this post might help you get started. It will assist you in better understanding how an idea expressed in words transforms into an idea expressed on a smartphone screen. After seeing the mockup design, you may decide on some addition or elimination to the layout. However, while creating these mockups, there are certain mistakes that every app designer makes. Read the complete blog to learn those mistakes.

Omitting screens

This one should be evident. It is a difficulty since every window that will get included in your app should be represented in your prototype. Your mockup is incomplete if there are any missing screens. Whether it is a login confirmation screen or anything else, you require it. Every single screen you visualized must also be in the mockup. Any change to the image necessitates its own independent presentation in the mockups and is treated as a separate screen even if the backdrop screen remains the same.

Include even inactive buttons

The mockup shouldn’t include anything that won’t be in the app. Your buttons and displays should all be logically interconnected. So, every small button that you have in the concept must appear on the mockups.

Include inaccessible screens.

Make sure you consider every step a user may take within your app. You can maintain all of the displays linked by doing this. You will see that you need to add some buttons when you picture modifying the settings and discover there is no way to access that screen!

The screens that cannot get navigated away from

To identify sticky screens, it is also helpful to picture the entire user behaviour tree. There must be a button to exit the screen if a button to access your settings screen is included. Additionally, this could not simply be a back key but rather an additional symbol for each of your displays. So, if 

the Software Development Company does this mistake, you should check.


Wrapping up, these are a few mistakes while creating mock-ups. Now that you know the mistakes make sure they are not included in your mockups.