Flowers and bouquets are the perfect gifts for any occasion and event. From birthdays and weddings to sickness and funerals, flowers are apt for gifting on all days. Also, if you wish to confess your love for someone special, nothing can be better than approaching them with some lovely flowers. Whether it is a bouquet of flowers or a single long-stemmed rose flower, both will remind the recipient of what you feel for them and vice versa. Every Flower has its own characteristics that signify something and has a meaning associated with it.

Here we present to you the top flowers that are apt for gifting to your loved ones as a token of love and appreciation. So, grab one of these and send it to them to show how you feel irrespective of the occasion.


Carnations flowers are believed to first appear on earth from Virgin Mary’s tear. They signify the mother’s, undying love. These beautiful flowers are significant of love and charm and can be found in various colours. Show your appreciation towards someone by giving a light red carnation, while dark red carnation represents deep love and affection for the person you present it to. On the other hand, white carnation signifies pure love and good luck. If you care for someone, give them purple carnations that will reflect your softness, and pink carnations represent the greatest importance.

Show your care and love for someone who is very near and dear to you, by getting them a bunch of these flowers today.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies flowers are a symbol of innocence, beauty, and purity. These daisies are available in a large variety of vibrant colours, and sending them to your loved ones is a perfect way to brighten someone’s day and bring a smile to their face.


Considered as one of the most romantic flowers, Who doesn’t like stopping and smelling roses? There is a reason these flowers have become synonymous with rich, luxurious fragrances- they indeed are natural perfumes and therefore are used in cosmetics and skincare products. Roses are versatile and sweet-smelling; you can gift red roses in a box, in bouquets, or single-stemmed roses, on any occasion. It’s time that you get single roses for sale and send these fragrant blooms to your loved ones. Just like carnations, roses too come in a plethora of colours, where the deep red rose is the symbol of everlasting love. They represent your true love and deep feelings for your partner. Roses also make a great gift for a wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, birthday, or special days such as proposals of marriage.


Sunflowers have shiny yellow petals extending from their centre, resembling the sun and facing the sun as the day starts. They represent warmth and appreciation and are also associated with longevity. So if you want someone’s life to be full of happiness and joy, gift them these bold and beautiful sunflowers.


Tulips are associated with love, and if you’re someone happy-go-lucky type, then Tulips are for you. They also come with a variety of hues- red, yellow, white, purple, and pink, where every color has a different meaning.

For instance, red tulips symbolize your true love for someone, while yellow tulips represent cheerfulness and happiness and lastly. Similarly, purple tulips are representative of royalty, and white tulips will help you show your guilt and ask for an apology. So express your real feelings towards someone by considering one of these.

You can gift tulips on a birthday or anniversary or when it is the beginning of a new relationship that is not quite as serious yet.


Orchids are exotic, delicate flowers with an alluring appearance. They are rare and delicate beauty that needs special attention and intense care. These flowers make an ideal choice for those seeking to make a lasting impression with a unique flower. This is because they represent royalty and luxury. Like roses and other flowers, orhids also come in wide varieties and different colors to choose from, almost every color of the rainbow symbolizes luck, hope, and love. So, if you wish to make an everlasting impression on someone, get them a bouquet of orchids.


Known as the May birth flower, the white lily symbolizes purity and virtue. The Stargazer Lily makes a bold and dramatic choice for a gift. Add these beauties to your list of flowering gifts to make your loved ones feel special today. Also, you must be aware of the fact that lilies are often linked to a meaning of wealth and prosperity. You can gift lilies on birthdays and anniversaries.


Daffodils bring happiness. These happy flowers symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. If you present daffodils to your friends or family, always consider gifting them in a bundle because, as per great legends, a single bloom can foretell misfortune.

Sweet Peas

Often used for the amazing aroma in perfumes, lotions, and other bath products, these flowers impart a mild aroma. Send these deliciously fragranced flowers to your friends and family and show them your love for them.

From single roses for sale to fragranced sweet peas, you just can’t go wrong with any of these beautiful flowers. No matter what time of the year it is, the gift of flowers is always appreciated. Get them today to brighten someone’s day.