Of late, custom gazebo tents have revolutionized the outdoor event landscape with their unique looks and versatility. With a silhouette that resembles permanent gazebo shades found in gardens and parks, printed gazebos have become the go-to accessory for business owners looking to create an impression in tradeshows and exhibitions. 

  • Gazebo tents are lightweight and easy to install or take down, meaning you can carry one and use it anywhere, from a tradeshow venue to the beach.
  • They are made from durable, waterproof and UV-resistant materials that keep you safe from the sun and the rain for years on end.
  • Buying a custom printed gazebo won’t set you back by much. They are affordable and prove to be great value for money.  Besides, they serve as great promotional materials for brands in tradeshows and exhibitions.

But even the versatile gazebo needs assistance from other accessories sometimes! These accessories add to the features of a gazebo tent, making it even more effective in tackling outdoor venues and bad weather. Let’s have a look at the five most important accessories that can really ramp up the effectiveness of your custom gazebo. 

1. PVC sidewalls

PVC sidewalls can not only transform the appearance of your tent, but also add to its practicality. From fully opaque ones to those with transparent windows, there are all sorts of sidewalls available for pop up marquees and gazebos in the market. They provide essential protection from cold drafts in winter and also lend an indoor vibe to large event tents set up for gala events. 

These purposeful accessories can help you with brand promotion as well. If you are a brand owner, you can use your PVC sidewall as a canvas to display your brand logo and message for potential customers. With the help of gazebos decked up with sidewalls, you can construct a brand pavilion that’s sure to grab eyeballs in a tradeshow. 

2. Banners and flags

Promoting one’s brand is always the primary objective of a business owner in a tradeshow. And promotional banners and flags can be really helpful to that end. These accessories come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. From pop up and pull up banners to custom tent flags, there’s all sorts of different iterations of the humble banner available in the market for effective promotional campaigns. Let’s just say, this is one accessory you can’t do without in a tradeshow or exhibition if you are serious about promoting your brand.  

3. Light fixtures

Light fixtures play a subtle yet crucial role in creating the ambience inside a brand pavilion. And options are aplenty in the market. Here’s some of the more popular varieties of lighting setups.

  • Paper lamp lanterns.
  • LED crystal ball string lights.
  • Edison bulb strings.
  • Clear bulb string lights.
  • Mason jars.

Choose one that goes with your overall setup. If you are planning to install something really bright, be careful not to go overboard with your light fixtures. You don’t want to hurt your guests’ eyes! 

4. Weights and stakes

You cannot be too careful when it comes to securing your tent. Avoid boggy ground at all costs. Steer clear of extruding tree branches. And use weight plates or stakes to secure your tent on gravelly surfaces or windy conditions. 

Tent stakes are large pegs, sometimes a foot long, that can be hammered into the ground. They prove to be especially helpful on lose soil or sandy terrains. Once the stakes have been hammered deep enough, you can secure your tent with guy ropes connecting the tent to the stakes. 

Weight plates are especially effective on hard surfaces where you cannot use stakes. You just need to attach footplates to the tent’s legs and place the weight plates on them to secure your tent from gusts. Sand bags and water weight bags are equally effective in such conditions. They have Velcro fasteners that easily attach to the tent’s legs and help secure your tent.

5. Miscellaneous accessories

If you happen to inhabit a particularly wet part of the globe you need to install rain gutters on your custom gazebo for better water drainage. Make no mistake; modern tents are made of waterproof materials. But water pooling in folds and creases of the canopy can lead to corrosion of the tent’s frame over a period of time. Rain gutters make for a simple yet effective solution to this problem.

A bathtub tent floor is another smart accessory you absolutely need, if you are planning to go camping in the wet season. It is essentially a tent mattress with raised edges to stop ground water from wetting your things. 

Portable heaters can keep you warm and cozy inside your tent in cold weather. But make sure you check the safety ratings before choosing one. 


Tent accessories are as diverse as the tents themselves. Choose wisely and buy from reputed manufacturers only.