With the Covid situation escalating again people are staying at home, but that hasn’t stopped them from dressing up to feel good. Women are still buying clothes, though the traffic has obviously diverted more towards online stores, but nevertheless shopping is going on. Fashion devotees are keen to find out what new trends this season will bring along and which will be embraced.

Lets see which fashion trends made it to the hot 2021 list.

Easy Fashion

The work from home routine has definitely made an impact on the fashion scene in Pakistan. Women who have to balance work and home routines want easy fashion, something that looks elegant and in which you can go around doing chores at home as well. This season brings with it lots of muted shades, easy combinations, kurtis, funky tops, fusion styles for that effortless style that we all crave for.

Pret Shirt in Loose Cuts

Since a ready to wear shirt is an easy purchase, few people go for unstitched ensembles, especially in Covid times when unstitched means going to tailors again and again. Plus with ready to wear you get so many varieties sitting at home. All you have to do is choose your favorite outfit and add it to the cart.

This summer you can see a lot of single shirts in loose cut styles, with flowy feminine sleeves and relaxed style. Find lots of A-lines, kaftans, button-downs and frock style shirts. They give a very laid back look and if casual style is what you want, these shirts are ideal.  Also, you can always pair it up with raw silk pants or bell bottoms to give the entire outfit a more formal look.

Silk Kurtis

When it comes to luxury clothing nothing looks more elegant than a nice silk shirt. The shiny, smooth fabric itself is back with a bang because it is very practical for casual as well as formal look. It has such a luxurious feel to it and in summers it makes for a perfect formal dress in the hot evenings. Silk feels cool next to the skin and looks great too. If you search for silk suits online you are sure to find endless styles and designs.

Silk shirts look regal and are quite versatile because they can be styled any way you want. Another advantage of silk is that it is very comfortable, so you can quickly put it on and be ready to attend a zoom meeting or wear it at any formal event or special occasion and be the star of the evening. It won’t look out of place at work or at a party. You can find all kinds of rich hues from magnetas, greens, blues, purples and more. The dark colors will look great at night for a bold statement and light colors will look graceful. Add a chunky piece of jewelry if you want to add a bit of glamor.

Other than button down silk shirts, kaftans, you can also explore the designer silk kurtis online. These eclectic kurtis come in digital prints and smart cuts, so get ready to make a cool style statement this season. Choose any style or size from the vast variety of silk kurtis online.

Floral Prints

Here is another trend to watch out for and that is floral prints! How can a spring/summer collection be complete without it. Florals are all about celebration of the blooming season, when flowers dance to the tunes of nature. It is all about beauty, romance, fun and good times. Hence the love affair of florals and spring collections go hand in hand.

These always look fresh and very feminine and that is why you will always find floral designs by all high end clothing brands. This is a trend that never seems to end. So expect lots of small and large floral motifs in soft pastels, vibrant hues and stunning colorful combinations as they make it to all high end clothing stores. A fresh and bold summer dress in floral print is an absolute must in your happy summer wardrobe.

Formals in Florals

If you are looking for something formal in florals, explore the embroidered floral designs that are quite in this season. Embroideries in formals have always been popular because they instantly add life to an outfit and give it a more extravagant feel. You can find embroideries on different fabrics, in formal wear from chiffon, lawn, cambric, silk and more. They look good on every material. A simple embroidered flower on a plain shirt can enhance the overall beauty of the ensemble. You will find plenty of variety in embroidered wear at all luxury clothing stores. These embroidered pieces are a bit pricey but they look very elegant and can be worn on any special occasion, be it eid, a party or a friends gathering.

Less is More

This season is all about understated elegance because fashion doesn’t have to be loud to look good. Get some simple and sophisticated pieces that offer sustainable fashion. Invest in some neutral shades that you can easily mix and match. You must have pieces that can be styled for office wear or weekend attire. It is not necessary to spend on luxury clothing brands if you want to look trendy. You can create your individual style and add more of your personality to your look.

Some women blindly trust premium brand clothing to give them quality and style, but you should trust your own fashion instincts. Even if you find all this in women’s luxury clothing,  the prices are often too high. It doesn’t make sense to spend so much on them. It will be better if you are smart enough to invest in some foundational pieces that can elevate your style. And if you are so keen on premium brand clothing, we suggest you wait for designer clothes sales to get a discount on luxury clothing.

Luxury Clothing 2021 is about class, not extravagance. Simple and stylish items can just be as attention-grabbing. A luxury clothing piece doesn’t always need to have heavy embroideries, embellishments and too much going on. Muted colors, simple silhouettes can look classy if you know how to stylize them and carry them.