Digital Marketing is the process of reaching prospective customers of a business through digital channels such as social media, search engines, email, etc. These digital channels link the consumer with the seller and facilitate close communication between the customer and the business over a digital platform.  Digital marketers are in high demand in modern days as almost all of the business use the online medium to promote their business. The future of digital marketing is also bright as new changes keep happening in internet technology. Pune is the hub for digital marketing in India and renders the top digital marketing courses in the country

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus:

The design of the course helps young graduates master the essential aspects of digital marketing, including search engine optimization, social media optimization, conversion optimization, pay per click campaigns, content marketing, web analytics, email, and mobile marketing. Digital marketing is seen as one of the fastest-growing educational disciplines in India and gaining this certification prepares the aspirant for a fruitful career in digital marketing.

After completion of the course, the graduates will,

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the various disciplines of digital marketing
  • Master the digital marketing execution tools such as Facebook marketing, Twitter Advertising, YouTube marketing, etc.
  • Work as a virtual marketing manager for any e-commerce company
  • Learn to formulate, plan and execute effective strategies of digital marketing with the right channel mix.
  • Create appropriate marketing messages that target the appropriate audience
  • Prepare for top certification exams in digital marketing such as google analytics, Google ads, etc.

Who are eligible to take up the course?

  • The top digital marketing course in Pune is ideal for any student, marketing consultant or a business professional who are interested in starting their career in digital marketing.
  • Sales and business professional who are looking to accelerate their career can up-skill their competencies and take a role in digital marketing.
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to enhance their ROI for their business leverage on a professional digital marketing course.
  • The course is also ideal for digital marketers who wish to enhance their skills and accelerate their career to the next level.

Course duration:

The digital marketing course duration is ideally three to four months with three hours of training session a day. However, the course duration differs between institutes. The All India management association has fixed five months as the fixed duration of digital marketing in India. The course should offer 70 hours of training which includes theoretical sessions and hands-on training on online projects. Some institutes offer classes only on weekdays, whereas some conduct classed only at weekends or only on Sundays etc. Such flexibilities in class schedules help students from different background to learn the course.

Final words:

Digital marketing expert is growing to be the most popular career option among young graduates. To learn the integrities of digital marketing right, it is important to learn its techniques and master its upgraded skills. Thus, aspirants should look for a reputed institute to learn digital marketing course. They should choose the top digital marketing courses in Punewith good mentors and infrastructure to learn the technique right. PIIDM Ashium is one of the best digital marketing course providers in Pune that offers excellent training at an affordable cost.