The mailers boxes are known to offer an in-depth and amazing unboxing experience to the customers. It’s needless to say that custom mailer boxes are perfect for packaging and are suitable for packaging large-sized products and multiple products of smaller size. For this reason, the subscription brands choose these boxes for creating the subscription boxes for their customer.

Similarly, the black mailer boxes can be suitable for eCommerce brands and can deliver the products in a secure and safe manner. In addition, the mailer boxes have become the ultimate marketing tool for the brands even without offering a peek inside the products. With this article, we are sharing more about mailer boxes and how brands can select from different design ideas!

Mailer Boxes – What Are They?

The custom mailer box packaging is known to be the popular option for eCommerce brands and subscription box companies as they are designed to send and store the products. These boxes are designed with interlocking wings and flaps for developing a convenient assembly process that keeps the box secure. In addition., it doesn’t even need adhesive tape all the time for sealing the box.

The top reason why mailer corrugated boxes are preferred by subscription box companies is that they are manufactured with double-sided walls for higher resistance and durability. That being said, these boxes tend to be easy to ship as compared to other packaging options. In addition, there are multiple types of mailer boxes available in the market to meet the unique needs of the customers.

To begin with, there are standard mailer shipping boxes with wings and are pretty common. Secondly, there are mailer gift boxes with adhesive tape and the tear strip which eases the sealing and can be opened easily with the help of tear slip. Lastly, there are mailer box cosmetic packaging without wings. The brands can choose any type of mailer boxes depending on the preferences and what products will be added to them.

Designs of Mailer Boxes

When it comes down to the well-designed mailer boxes, they have the capacity to improve the purchasing experience of the customers and it can even pivot their attention to the products. For this reason, the importance of the right design cannot be neglected. There are multiple options available when the customization of mailer cardboard boxes is concerned.

The difference in mailer box designs must be determined because it can help create a brand expression. In the section below, we are sharing some design ideas for custom printed shipping mailer boxes, such as;

Kraft Mailer Boxes

When it comes down to the kraft material, it has become a popular option due to all the convenience that it offers to the Custom Packaging Boxes. This material is suitable for packing different products and is completely eco-friendly. That’s because kraft is made from top-notch pine material to promise higher recyclability. Moreover, the material is durable and strong for transporting and preserving the products without causing any damages.


Inserts are an important part of the packaging, and they can be used in collaboration with custom mailer packaging for holding the products in place. These custom inserts can enhance product protection because some fragile products, such as cosmetics can always benefit from higher protection. The inserts can be customized according to the product shape and size. However, make sure that the inserts are visually appealing without compromising on the security feature.


For brands that want to add a personalized touch to the products, adding stickers is a great way of doing so. There are different ways of using the stickers, such as using them as seals and adding them as the informative label for the box’s surface. The stickers must be designed with an aesthetic design and it has to add appeal to the product and brand itself. In addition, the brands can use die-cut stickers for sticking them on personal product items.

The Design Ideas for People Who Want Aesthetics

Blank Canvas

When you choose the blank canvas design for the mailer boxes, it will allow you to design the box as they like. With the blank canvas, you will have six empty sides of the box, so you can translate your creative ideas on the box, such as printing the brand slogan, adding a personalized message for customers, and printing on some catchy graphics. Also, if you are creating sustainable products, let them know by adding that logo on one side.

Minimal Design & Whites

Sure, some brands like to go extra with fancy designs for standing out but there are some brands that need minimal designs, such as whites and minimal designs. The simplistic design is suitable for brands that want to communicate the values of simplicity and minimalism.

Printing Inside the Box

In case your brand wants to maximize the values delivered from the products, they can print inside the box for introducing the products. In addition, it’s a great way of providing relevant information to the customers regarding the ingredients, design, and usage.

Benefits of Mailer Boxes

Strength & Durability

In case you have the shipping and storage needs for your products and goods; you can utilize the mailer boxes because they are perfect for doing so. The mailer boxes can prevent splitting, tearing, and blasting of the products. That being said, the mailer boxes can be used even if you’ve to ship something abroad without any destruction and damages.


We all remember the time when corrugated boxes were the ultimate and simple packaging option but there have been multiple improvements in material and design over the course of years. That being said, these boxes have become resistant to moisture as they are coated with materials with zero impact.


When the transport and shipping of the products are completed, the users can easily store the boxes for repetitive usage. We are saying this because custom mailer boxes are extremely easy to unfold and store. All in all, everything gets easier with the mailer boxes. Last but not least, these mailer boxes don’t cost a fortune.