Learn about the six best locations for TEFL jobs without a degree and where you can teach English around the world.

With so many potential locations for teaching English abroad, it is inevitable that each nation will have its own requirements for English teachers. Certain nations may require English teachers to hold a four-year degree due to visa requirements or government restrictions. If you don’t have a degree, don’t let that stop you, though.

Our count indicates that even without a college degree, you can live and travel in dozens of different nations while working as an English teacher. If you know where to look, there are plenty of ESL jobs available that don’t require a degree. Great, isn’t that right? 


Without A Degree, Am I Able To Teach English Abroad

Many nations do not require a bachelor’s degree to teach English abroad. You can teaching english online without a degree in these countries. There is no need for a 4-year degree to teach English in many locations throughout South America, as well as in some regions of Europe and Asia; all you need is an accredited TEFL certification.

Can Someone With An Associate’s Degree Teach English Abroad

Yes. You can teach English abroad in more than 50 nations, from Taiwan to Costa Rica, if you have an associate’s degree and a TEFL certification. Even though some nations, like South Korea and Japan, demand a four-year degree, there are still many options available.

With Only A TEFL Certificate, Am I Allowed To Teach English Abroad

Being a native English speaker and holding a TEFL certification are frequently sufficient qualifications for employment as an English teacher abroad. To teach English abroad, you don’t need any prior experience, a teaching license, an education degree, or even a college degree. 

Without A Degree, How To Work As An English Teacher Abroad

The secret is to enroll in a top-notch TEFL certification programme that will give you the abilities and credentials you need to land a job as an English teacher in another country or online. You can get the job advice and alumni support you need to find a great job from a reputable TEFL course provider.


Where Can Those Who Don’t Have Degrees Teach English

Countries where teaching English abroad is possible without a degree include:

Without a college degree, the best places to teach English abroad are Cambodia, Costa Rica, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, and Myanmar. These nations are well-liked by TEFL teachers because they don’t need college degrees to teach there. Fortunately, they are nations where there is a high demand for English teachers.

1. Cambodia

A rapidly expanding population eager to learn English resides in Cambodia, a country with an exceptionally tropical climate. Despite a recent and tragic history, Cambodians are known for having some of the friendliest and warmest people. They welcome teachers looking for a new experience. Despite being less developed than its neighbours Thailand and Vietnam, there is still a need for English teachers, particularly in Phnom Penh, the country’s capital, and even in Siem Reap, a popular tourist destination and home to the renowned Angkor Wat. Teach English abroad salary attracts the students and professionals towards Cambodia.

Without a college degree, native English speakers can find employment very easily in Cambodia as English teachers. Language schools across the nation prefer teachers with degrees, but because there are more students learning English in Cambodia every year and because the majority of teachers choose to teach in Thailand or Vietnam rather than Cambodia, schools need native English speakers.

Due to the high salaries and low cost of living, teachers can even anticipate saving some money. For those looking for jobs teaching English abroad without a degree, Cambodia is a hidden gem of Southeast Asia thanks to its history, beaches, and lovely and welcoming people.

2. Costa Rica

One of the most popular job markets for English teachers in Latin America is Costa Rica, which is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and alluring tropical climate. Costa Rica provides a remarkably authentic taste of Latin America and a fantastic chance to practise your Spanish. Costa Rica is a popular choice for English teachers who want to live abroad and teach English online due to its low cost of living. There are always wonderful beaches, breathtaking volcanoes, and lush rain forests nearby. 

3. Spain

The demand for English teachers in Spain is as strong as ever, and the country itself remains a top travel destination despite changes in the world economy. If you’re interested in Europe but don’t have a college degree, one of your best options is to teach English in Spain. Due to its dominance as the language of commerce, travel, and education, the Spanish population is eager to learn English. The number of English-language schools in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and Valencia is astoundingly diverse.

One of the most beautiful and diverse nations in all of Europe is Spain. You’ll have the chance to visit restaurants, bars, and museums off the beaten tourist path by living among the Spaniards like a local.

4. Argentina 

Argentina, a stunning nation in South America, has a great need for English teachers. Numerous schools across the nation have openings for thousands of positions, from urban Buenos Aires to the picturesque, mountainous countryside. Argentina has a warm, moderate climate that is perfect for everyone. Schools all over the nation hire in the early spring or at the end of the summer, whether you want to work with children, students, or business professionals in Buenos Aires, Mendoza, or Cordoba. What’s best? For native speakers to land a well-paying teaching position in Argentina, all they need is a TEFL certification. The stage is set for you to learn about this fascinating and developing South American country while working as an English teacher without a degree thanks to its stable, prosperous economy and growing significance in global politics.

5. Mexico 

In Mexico, there is a big demand for people who can understand and speak English well. Wherever you may want to teach, there is a lot of employment potential. Because there are so many people interested in learning English, including schoolchildren, university students, and businesspeople, Mexico City is one of the easiest places to find work as an English teacher without a college degree. The government of Mexico recently passed a law granting work permits to teachers who possess professional-level TEFL certifications and possess fluency in the English language, regardless of degree status, due to the country’s acute shortage of English teachers. Explore Mexico as few foreigners do by taking the time to visit cities like Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Puebla as well as charming coastal villages.

6. Myanmar 

Myanmar offers the chance of a lifetime if you’re looking for the adventure of teaching English in a remote nation. This ancient Southeast Asian country, which is bordered mainly by India, Thailand, and China, had been cut off from the outside world both culturally and economically for many years, but has only recently allowed foreign trade and travel. As a result, there is an increasing need for English language instruction. The hiring standards in Myanmar are less stringent than in some other Asian countries, making it simpler for those without a college degree to land a job.

Compared to other Asia-based TEFL job markets that are more well-known, Myanmar’s economy is less advanced. The average first-time English teacher makes between $700 and $1,000 per month, which may not seem like much, but because of the low cost of living, most teachers are able to save up to 20% of their monthly income after expenses, which is great for additional travel.

Those who decide to teach English in Myanmar will find a stunning country rich in tradition and culture. Myanmar presents a chance to discover a stunning nation that is one of few still unaffected by mass tourism, chain eateries, and rampant commercialism. Myanmar offers everything from bustling city markets and subtropical beaches to some of the largest and most ancient Buddhist temples in the world.

Without a bachelor’s degree, you can work as an English teacher abroad in any of these nations as well as many others around the globe.