We all know that no matter which device or gadget you use, storage becomes an issue. And even if you have space, it is always good to declutter your digital systems, just as you would with your homes, cabinets or office every few months. But browsing all the files and folders on your Mac, for example, would take a very long time, not to mention patience too.

Music, photos, and videos are the most common folders on any system where there are old or redundant items and should be cleaned up. But, with various cleaning applications available, all decluttering can be done instantly.

Take a look at this list of cache cleaning apps for Mac OS and choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Disk Doctor

A UK-based application that won Mac World’s Mac Gem award in 2013, Disk Doctor is a useful application that helps clean up junk files that are slowing down your system.

Price – $ 2.99

Mac Booster

 The Mac Booster is a great cleaning application, with additional functionality that allows users to delete duplicate files, freeing up a lot of space on your Mac. This application also works as an antivirus, offering an option to delete malicious browser cookies, in version 8.

Price – $ 59.95 for the Premium version

 CleanMyMac X

 Some of the best features of a cleaning application as well as anti-malware tools are found in CleanMyMac X. The application scans your system and detects unwanted files like user cache files and system logs, scans for malware and helps speed up your Mac. The best feature is that it is notarized by Apple and therefore safe for your system. Free and paid versions are available. You can click here to find out how it works.

Price – $ 39.95


 A 5MB Mac cleaning application, made in France, OnyX allows users to automate several tasks such as clearing the cache or cleaning the disk. It is considered one of the best free, stable and reliable Mac cleaners available.

Price- Free

Daisy disc

 The Daisy Disk app gives users a visual representation of all Mac folders. This makes it easier to navigate, select and delete files and folders. The application, available in a free and premium version, analyzes the selected folders and removes what you think is wasting space on your system.

Price – $ 9.99


 Sensei is useful for examining the performance of your Mac in detail. It shows the use of RAM and even the temperature of the processor. The Clean option deletes the user cache, large files and logs. You can also remove space-hungry apps using the uninstall feature.

Price – $ 29 per year


 CCleaner is an application developed in 2004 by Piriform, mainly for companies. Available in free and premium versions, it is a cross-platform tool that works for PC, Mac and Android. It also has a Network and Technician tool and a Cloud. CCleaner can be used on the MAC to select and delete files to free up space. The premium version includes features such as real-time alerts, dedicated support, and free updates.

Price – $ 19.95