A letterman jacket is available in different styles. It is famous outerwear made from top-rated material. Some people find it expensive, but its price is completely justified. Fortunately, you can customize this jacket according to your preferences. 

Numerous factors determine the price of these jackets, such as material, the sentimental worth of jackets for anyone, and complete customization. For everyone, these jackets have different meanings. Remember, high school letterman jackets are valuable for students, just like a trophy. 

Numerous people prefer letterman jackets for their customization. From color to material, you can choose everything. These jackets are often confused with other styles, especially the souvenir jacket and bomber jacket. The main reasons behind this confusion are elasticated hem and collarless design.

Though, the letterman jacket is different from other styles because it features over two contrasting colors and a button-through front. You can get a stylish jacket with leather sleeves and a wool body. You can combine it with a pair of jeans, sneakers, and a casual T-shirt for a stylish look.

How to wear letterman jackets?

If you want to buy more than one jacket, the letterman jacket wholesale collection will be a good idea to save money. Fortunately, you can easily style in these jackets, but here are some essential points to consider.

In the first step, fitting is vital to enhance the look of this jacket. It must be slim and leave sufficient room for a crewneck and a hoodie. Moreover, the hem must not sit higher as compared to your hips. 

Numerous colorful options go well with a subtle and nice outfit. You can choose a two-tone style with contrasting sleeves and a solid body or a full block hue for a classic look. If you want to play safe, feel free to choose monochrome.

Both Chinos and Jeans look great with a vintage letterman jacket. You can stick to dark colors and slim or straight cuts. For a preppy look, you can consider loafers.

Best Brands for Letterman Jackets

From Zara to Supreme, you will find several best labels to check out for purchasing your favorite varsity jacket. See some famous brands to get fashionable pieces.


If you want a sporty look, you can consider Nike because they have numerous finest options. Modern versions of jackets feature design motifs and contemporary fabric. These pieces will help you to get a classic look.

Nike offers better athleisure-type outfits. If you want something special to wear with boat shoes and khakis, Nike will provide something stylish.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren is a great name for preppy looks. The famous New York brand offers collegiate staples and letterman jackets. You will get numerous styles in an iconic letterman jacket. Their iconic jackets feature embroidered and patched detail, a wool body and leather sleeves. Though, you will get a cheap letterman jacket in cotton from Polo Ralph Lauren.


For classic style, Champion is one of the finest brands. It is another brand for the best sportswear. You will get special pieces to develop a strong presence. Prices may vary according to colors and styles. They offer an exclusive collection of letterman jackets for men, women and kids. Letterman jacket patches may have different colors to highlight its overall look.

The Real McCoy

It is a dedicated brand to revive throwback looks similar to the old days. Their attention to detail and premium materials can set them apart. Authentic old school jacket features horsehide leather sleeves, a quilted nylon lining and a wool body. If you want to make a bold piece, consider a sporty chenille applique jacket. These go really well with a hoodie and sweats or jeans.

UO Ombre Wool Letterman Jacket

The letterman jacket will give you a modern look. These pieces make a fashion statement with an ombre, long-haired overhaul. It features rib-knit trim and contrasting striped and wool sleeves. You can rock it with hype sneakers and chinos. Feel free to get a dressy look with crisp jeans and loafers or boots.

Golden Bear

In this name, the Golden Bear is a classic name. It may cost an exorbitant amount. If you can afford an expensive jacket, feel free to consider Golden Bear. Remember, Golden Bear is an American brand famous for construction, fitting and durability. However, Golden Bear jackets are expensive, but you will get the maximum value of money. These jackets last for a lifetime; therefore, high prices make more sense.


Zara is another brand famous for its unimaginable speed. Their curated collection has a variety of styles and designs. It will be a stylish piece to build the foundation of a well-equipped, comfortable wardrobe. These jackets are nicely designed to consider your comfort and affordability.

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony has successfully maintained a throwback look with a distinctive, large emblem on the back with special varsity jackets. These old-school jackets have chenille appliques. The beautiful leather sleeves got a special makeover with a crocodile effect. You can choose these statement pieces for adventurous events.


For boys and girls letterman jackets, Supreme has a huge collection. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best brands to buy your varsity jacket. Indeed, a youth-culture staple is a cornerstone under this label. You will get affordable and comfortable pieces. The resale price of Supreme letterman jackets is great. Certainly, you will get the best deals.

Marcelo Burlon College

If you want something special in your wardrobe, check out the collection of this Italian brand. The special pieces feature a slouchy upscale silhouette. It has white stripes on the shoulders along with low-key appliques. With modern sneakers, a logo tee and baggy pants, you can wear the Marcelo Burlon. 

A Bathing Ape

The letterman jacket features an old-school look. You will get numerous modern pieces, such as navy blue wool body, contrasting white leather sleeves and trimmed applique logos. If you want to upgrade your casual wardrobe, there are numerous pieces. 

In short, the letterman jacket is available in different styles and sizes for men and women. You can find stylish pieces according to your budget. Each brand offers something special to everyone.