Singapore, among various other things, is a famous shopper’s paradise. This tiny city packs multiple malls, shopping streets, big brands, flagship stores, cute little ethnic districts, and a lot more. This ideally means that you have ample opportunity to splurge on a particular day on your vacation to Singapore. Looking for more details to pick your favourite place to shop? Lets together go on a virtual tour around the countries best shopping cascades and popular malls!
Here we go on the top places to shop in Singapore.

1.   Orchard street

Located in the heart of Singapore, Orchard street is one of the most famous shopping spots in the city. Not only to the tourists get wowed by the range of shopping experiences across the street but is also a major shopping destination for the locals. No matter what you’re looking for, from high-end fashion brands, chic boutiques, discounted outlets, to even large department stores, you will find them all here. You will also discover a lot of artists performing along the streets which adds to the vibrancy of this place, making it a very unique experience.

2.   Lucky plaza

You can find real treasured inside this five-storied building with no much pressure on your pockets. From a variety of souvenirs, watches, apparels to reasonably priced electronics, you are sure to shops your hearts out here. Not to forget, they stock one of the best perfumes of Singapore having mesmerising aromas. If you’re looking for something unique, ask for the orchid-infused perfumes, which are a signature of Singapore which you definitely should take back for your loved ones.

3.   Haji Lane

The hidden gem located in the Kampong Glam, the Malay region of Singapore. It offers exotic products from personalized t-shirts, quirky footwear, tribal jewels and handcrafted skin handbags, to freakish homeware and furniture which is unlikely to be found even in huge malls. This colourful lane makes sure you have something very very unique and rare that you can take back home. After your visit here you will definitely agree as to why it comes on this list of – best places to shop in Singapore. 

4.   Clarke Quay

Though Clarke Quay is most famous for its vibrant nightlife and impressive waterfront restaurants, not many are aware of the shopping gems this place shares. Amidst the colourful buildings and riverside pubs, this place homes numerous out-of-the-box fashion stores, top-class boutiques and traditional arts & crafts shops. Keen to gratify that street shopper within you? Walkthrough the quay’s charming shophouses and carts selling unique pottery, exquisite woodcrafts and tacky jewellery.

5.   Mustafa Centre

Strolling around the streets of Little India, you can easily spot these gigantic buildings as you near the Syed Alwi Road. This is considered to be the one-stop-shopping destination for all travellers. This place has everything, from a variety of clothes electronics, footwear, homeware, groceries, to the smallest thing like a can opener, keychains, mini merlions and the list goes on. Also, it can guarantee you one of the best exchange rates for your currency in Singapore. While the best part is yet to come. Mustafa shopping centre is over 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and welcomes you with open arms anytime! Well, if you still don’t find what you’re looking for in Mustafa, you will probably not find it anywhere else in Singapore too. Ready with your bags already?

6.   Chinatown

Dive into the well preserved Chinese culture in the Chinatown region of Singapore. Lined up with a hundred stalls across the streets, they offer a wide range of Chinese toys, red paper cut-out lanterns, elegant silk gowns, handcrafted fans and one of the best souvenirs of Singapore. Well, shopping in Chinatown would not be complete without indulging in its rich gastronomy, grab some quick bites from the hawkers offering fresh dim sums and crispy ducks among a range of other local Singaporean specialities. Make sure you go early before the streets get busy!

7.   Marina Bay Sands

One of the most popular structures of Singapore, The Marina Bay Sanda not only offers a glorious skyline but also holds the visually astounding ‘Marina Bay Sands Complex’. Right in the centre of the complex is ‘The Shoppes’, one of Singapore’s largest shopping malls. Attracting the high-end shoppers through its luxury boutiques, international fashion brands and exclusive labels, it can be shoppers paradise. After a long day of shopping, a gondola ride on the internal canal can give you a fun-filled and relaxing experience. Got some more money to splurge? Head to the in-house casino where a lovely evening awaits you with a wondrous collection of table games, slot machines and a few complimentary drinks.

8.   Bugis Street

Located right beside the malls of Bugis MRT Station, the Bugis Street Market is one of the largest and cheapest markets of Singapore. It homes over 800 stalls selling everything from accessories, electronics, cosmetics, jewellery, shoes, bags and whatnot. Don’t be surprised if you lay your hands on a trendy sunglass just for S$10. You can spend hours together exploring this vast market and for a break, head to the small food stalls set up across the street offering a range of different cuisines, from Vietnamese, Thain, Chinese, Indian and local Singaporean too. Not to skip that the mantra to a happy shopping experience here is bargain until you crack the deal!

No trip can be complete without a ting of shopping, so make sure you have your list ready and don’t forget to carry an extra bag because you never know how much you might end up shopping. Also, do check out some amazing customisable Singapore honeymoon packages offered by travel companies which can take off your load of planning a perfect and memorable honeymoon. Happy Vacay & Happy shopping!