Hard water creates a lot of damage to the home appliances. One has to spend a lot of money on the repairs and also to remove the build-up that forms in the water pipes, tanks, appliances and other such things that use water. These days water softener for home is becoming popular day by day because of the benefits that one receives using these. People can save themselves from paying heavy repair costs and it will help increase the lifespan of the appliances. 

Before you know about the advantages, let us know if soft water is bad for us and what all factors contribute to the price of the water softener. 

Is Soft Water Bad For Us?

If a person is on a diet where they have to cut sodium, it is better not to have soft water due to the process of sodium ion exchange. The amount of hardness of the water is responsible for the amount of sodium that is added to the water. The harder the water in your house or office is, the more sodium ions are exchanged during the process.

It has been found that in a glass of water, the amount of sodium that you will get is 12.5 mg. For your better understanding, think of a whole wheat bread slice. This contains 211 mg of sodium.

Some may have the question that if magnesium and calcium are good for health then why do we have to remove them. The amount of minerals that the hard water has is insignificant compared to the money and time that is spent to fight the negative impacts on your house.  You can have the minerals and get nourished by having leafy greens and by following a healthy diet. To save money and save the appliances people install a water softener for overhead tanks in their house and office. 

What Is The Cost Of Water Softener?

The water softeners can cost around five hundred dollars to twenty-five hundred dollars. These systems have a lifespan of twenty years or more. Different factors contribute to the price of the water softener. Some are as follows:

Size Of Your House

The size of the house along with the rooms that you have, mainly bathrooms, play a very critical role in the cost and size of the water softener that you choose. The more rooms and bathrooms in your house, the more water needs to be softened using the water softener system.


An adequate number of pipes in your house plays a very huge role in the cost of the softener. If your house is old and has a severe level of hard water, the pipes and other systems have to be replaced before you install the water softener system. If you do not have budget for all this but you want soft water in your shower, you can use Water Softener Shower Head that will serve the purpose.

Additional Features

There is a system that contains UV disinfectants. These help to detect viruses and bacteria that are harmful to the human with the use of UV lamp. All these features will contribute to the increased price of the water softener.

Periodic Services And Repairs

Most of the systems that are installed in your house are automatic. You have to set the recharge depending on the uses of the water and also the sensors that are installed in the water tank. Some water softeners for the home needs to be recharged manually. The period cost is mainly the salt. It is been found that the average cost for the salt is around five to twenty-five dollars. 

Benefits Of Softener

Softener Hair And Clearer Skin

Soft water is extremely beneficial for your skin and hair while you are showering and bathing. Hard water has mineral ions that helps prevent the soap to be completely soluble. People who have soft water at home can enjoy more lather compared to the ones with hard water. The reason is that soft water has no minerals. The advantages of the softeners will do deeper into the skin. It will alleviate the hard water effects that are caused in your body due to the loss of national oils in the hair and skin.

Soft And Bright Clothes

The water softener helps in preventing the adverse effects that are caused by the hard water on the clothes. When you use soft water to wash your clothes, they will stay bright and soft for years. You will always get a fresh feel and look.

If your house has hard water, you have to wash your clothes in minerals which will eventually leave residues and deposits. With time, the minerals will make the colour fade. Even there are times when you will see stains and your white clothes will look dingy.

The clothes get dissolved in soft water faster than in hard water. This is why the clothes get cleaner in soft water. In hard water, the clothes are washed in minerals that will be deposited on the clothing. The soft water will dissolve the soap or detergent well and will make the fabric soft.Choose to get a water softener for overhead tanks and enjoy the benefits of soft water in your house.