Is there a senior in your life who’s struggling to maintain their personal hygiene? As we get older, it gets harder to stay clean. Mobility problems and fatigue present a challenge. 

This is why there are so many personal hygiene items for seniors. These daily living aids can help seniors stay more independent and help caregivers keep seniors clean. 

Whether you run a senior living center, you’re a home caregiver, or you’re shopping for a loved one, we want to talk about 9 of the best products that you can get to help a senior citizen stay clean. Read on to learn more. 

1. Shower Brushes

When you have good mobility, you take the ability to shower easily for granted. People who struggle with their mobility don’t have this luxury. 

There are plenty of shower products that seniors already use in the bathroom. Shower seats, grippy bath mats, and wall handles are common in assisted living communities and personal homes. 

One item that many people don’t consider is a good long-handled shower brush. 

These brushes make it easy for seniors to reach parts of their bodies that are otherwise inaccessible to them. If a senior is unable to clean themself, the brush will also make it easier and more comfortable for caregivers to help them in the shower or bath. 

These brushes are affordable and widely available. Bathing should be one of the top daily living tasks for seniors in assisted living homes based on an ADL assessment, so make it easier.

2. Hygiene Wipes

So what about between baths? Some seniors may not want to take showers or baths every day, especially if they’re feeling unwell. 

Having hygiene wipes can make all of the difference.

There are hygiene wipes that are meant to replace showers when seniors are struggling to rinse themselves. Use the wipe all over the senior’s body so they don’t have to struggle with a shower on a day when they’re not up for it. This is great for seniors who are on bed rest.

Personal hygiene wipes are good for seniors who struggle to clean themselves after using the restroom. They’re more comfortable and efficient than toilet paper. 

3. Denture Supplies

Older adults often struggle with their oral health. Most of them are missing teeth (sometimes all of their teeth) and instead wear dentures. While dentures don’t require the same care as natural teeth, it’s still important to keep them clean.

So what do dentures need?

First, make sure that the senior in your life has a good denture grip or adhesive. These products keep dentures firmly in place all day long so they don’t damage the gums or get food stuck beneath them. 

You should also have a denture cleaning solution. Most denture cleaners come in the form of tablets that you can dissolve in warm water. Leave the dentures in the warm water solution to clean them when they’re not in use. 

For the senior’s remaining teeth, make sure to use a toothpaste with sufficient fluoride. 

4. Adult Diapers

Not all seniors need adult diapers, but they’re not uncommon. For seniors who need to spend a lot of time in bed or who experience incontinence, adult diapers make a big difference.

Many seniors struggle with the transition to adult diapers. They may feel embarrassed, so make sure that you’re supportive. 

Depend is the most popular brand of adult diapers and it’s widely available at many big-box stores. These diapers are absorbent and comfortable. They resemble normal underwear which may make the transition easier for seniors. 

5. Easy-Grip Brushes

While many seniors lose their hair, some still have full heads of hair that need brushing. 

Seniors may struggle to grip standard combs and brushes. If they want to be able to brush their hair without help, it’s best for them to have easy-grip brushes with long handles.

These brushes have thicker grip areas, often padded with rubber. They’re more comfortable for arthritic hands. They’re some of the most affordable grooming aids that make a big difference. 

6. Touchless Soap Dispensers

This is particularly helpful for people who are living in assisted living communities. 

For seniors to thrive, they need to stay hygienic. Some seniors may struggle to wash their hands after using the restroom. Touchless soap dispensers can make it easier.

Touchless soap dispensers are safer and cleaner than standard soap dispensers. There will be no germs on pumps that could get seniors sick. Seniors also don’t have to reach or push down to dispense soap.  

7. Bidet Attachments

Everyone should have a bidet, senior or not. 

Bidets are getting more popular (and thus more available) every day. They’re the most hygienic and eco-friendly option for bathroom hygiene. 

While bidets are good for everyone, they offer special benefits for seniors. Seniors may struggle to wipe themselves and get clean. A bidet attachment will keep them clean and comfortable so they don’t get rashes. 

8. Faucet Extenders

Adding a faucet extender to a senior’s sink is easy and affordable. While faucet extenders may seem insignificant, they make it far easier for seniors to wash their hands without having to reach or bend forward. 

Seniors with back problems will get huge benefits from faucet extenders. 

9. Rash Spray

Despite all of these hygiene items, it’s possible that seniors will still struggle with their personal hygiene from time to time after using the restroom. Whether they were unable to get changed, they struggled to wipe, or they’ve been stuck in bed for an extended period of time, they may end up with rashes. 

Again, this can be embarrassing for some seniors. 

Rash sprays and creams will relieve pain and start the healing process. Sprays are easier for seniors to use on their own, while creams may require outside help. 

These Hygiene Items Make a Huge Difference

No seniors should feel embarrassed about using personal hygiene aids. Many of these hygiene items are perfect for people of all ages, so it’s helpful to normalize them in your house or facility. 

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