Today, we’ll talk about the most notable and popular internet animation and motion design trends that will undoubtedly capture your attention in the near future.

Animation is commonly used to elicit emotion. It might be a significant part of your website’s design that customers enjoy. It adds movement and energy to a static interface. It adds to the site’s attractiveness by being interesting, fascinating, and engaging.

We can single out the following key patterns that we’ve noticed over the last few years:

Combination of different techniques

Occasionally, a single motion design method is insufficient to completely portray the subject. The Golden Wolf commercial for Subway uses a mix of ripped paper effect, antique film cropping, and some 3D components to keep the spectator guessing, provoke fresh emotions, and… is becoming a trend right now!

Playing with the font

By changing the width and color of the font, its direction and size, we focus all attention on the text. This technique is likely to be popular in 2021 as well.

Logos that are animated

Animated logos have been popular for a few years and are currently at the top of online animation trends. Motion designers produce many sorts of logo animations by combining various visual effects: spinning logos, transforming logos, concealed and open logos, expanding logos, drawn animated logos, logos in 3D animation, and so on.

When we visit a website, the logo is usually the first thing we notice. It should be distinctive and use just symbols or typography to show the brand’s identity. By conveying a brief tale with numerous movements and effects, animation helps accentuate brand identity.

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Freehand drawing and thin lines

The quick animated picture effect is a proven way to make infographics more engaging to viewers. In 2021, thick lines will be replaced by light and airy ones – this technique will be especially often used in branding, education and the media.


Morphing is becoming more popular in 2021. It’s a visual effect in movies and animation that’s produced by smoothly transitioning from one element or shape to another.

Animation in the background

You may use animated characters to tell a brand story, demonstrate a fascinating production process, or introduce your staff. There are several ways to include animation into a website’s backdrop. Websites with dynamic backdrops may be found in a range of sectors and businesses, from financial institutions, banks, and healthcare providers to shops, restaurants, and B2B service providers.

People enjoy background animation because it helps them to discover more about the firm right away when they visit the website. This style of animation functions as a business card for a brand, giving information at a look.

Laconic color palette

The trend for minimalism has also touched on animated graphics. In 2021, the trend to tell a visual story using a limited number of primary colors instead of a rich palette will become even more popular. knows best about video marketing trends and always understands how to make the best video marketing for your business.

Animation of the loading process

According to Digital Synopsis, users expect a web page to load in two seconds or less. After 4 seconds, the average user grows unhappy and exits after 8 seconds. A one-second delay might lead to a loss of customers and conversions. However, there is a method that can hold them there for longer than 8 seconds.

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You don’t want your site’s users to get bored while it loads, do you? Because loading animations save time, you should use them. Because your site is so addicting, users may want it to take even longer to load.

Effects of hovering

Hover animation is a time-honored technique. It’s the most popular form of online animation, and it’s still growing in popularity. Why is it so well-liked? Probably because of the simplicity with which it can be implemented and the immersive user experience it provides. With this type of animation, you may get stunning results on your website with little work.

It generates such a magnetic effect when used correctly that it’s difficult to resist hovering over items over and over again. It turns engagement with users into a game. However, it’s equally vital to recognize the importance of balance and avoid overusing it in web design.


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