After a good lunch or dinner, you’re bound to crave some good dessert. And, there is nothing better than the most delicious and cold dessert, a big pint of Ice cream. Now the flavour of this wonderful dessert depends completely upon you or the catering that serves you, and here are some of the greatest options for a delicious dessert. 

  1. Mixed Fruit or Tutti Frutti 

Tutti Frutti is basically a delicious topping that is made out of several fruits and candied peels. These are some of the most commonly found filling for a Christmas cake, and have been added to the basic vanilla or butterscotch ice cream, to bring out the best flavours for children. This is the most common ice cream, for birthday parties and children’s fest around the world. 

  1. Oreo and Chocolate Ice Cream

The catering that serves this ice cream, has to have a good cookie blender. As the oreo biscuits need to be crushed, and then incorporated into a piece of chocolate ice cream. Needless to say this ice cream just melts into the mouth like butter, with a after taste of cookie crunch and rich chocolate. 

  1. Blueberry and black current 

Blueberry is a really popular fruit, especially with the ice cream range. Typically this ice cream is blue in colour that is the reason why it is incorporated with back current. The fantastic dish is worth having along with any normal fruit. To be honest, the flavour of black current is really very mature and strong. 

  1. Pistachios and Cashews

These two dry fruits aren’t just nuts but an appropriate flavour that is added along vanilla and butterscotch ice cream. These two sweet nuts are just the favorite topping for any catering service that serves fancy shots of ice creams. The flavours melts in the mouth, just like you’re munching on a packet of cashew nuts and pistachios. 

  1. Coffee Shot ice cream

We’re talking about the mature ice cream creamy taste right? Then coffee should definitely be right on the top. The bitter taste of coffee is neutralized with the light bitterness of dark chocolate. Together they combine into a wonder of a catering favorite belgian chocolate delight. Coffee is an added fragrance, which enhances the taste of dark chocolate in a better way. 

  1. Caramel and cream 

The combination of carmel is best found in butterscotch ice creams. Where the hot camel is melted with sea salt, and then it is well blended with a fresh scoop of vanilla ice cream. The catering services often serve this with butterscotch chips. If you have tried having a cup of caramel flakes, then you know how tasty and crispy it is. 

  1. Cookies and cream

Cookies are absolutely every child’s favorite dish and it is somewhat the most popular thing to have by a cup of coffee or tea. But these kinds of ice cream have just the dough instead of the cookie itself. The uncooked and sweet dough is served either some white vanilla ice cream and cold chocolate sauce. This is not the most authentic form of ice cream served by catering services, at weddings or other functions. 

  1. Mint and chocolate 

The best part about having a fresh scoop of this ice cream, has to be the freshness of mint leaves and added to the royal darkness of Belgian Chocolate. The entire combination is a great choice for a Sunday brunch catering, or just a basic evening snack around the bar. 

These were some of the un-authentic ice cream flavours, as the primary flavours happen to be Vanilla, Orange Flower Water, Butterscotch and obviously Chocolate. Though these flavours are customised with other sorts of topping and sauces, yet the best catering services never alter the originality of such ice cream flavours.