With active users of more than 1 billion, Instagram is extremely useful for brands who want to increase their reach. Additionally, the reach and effectiveness of Instagram marketing have developed over the years. The user base of Instagram has grown by 75 million from the previous year.

However, remember that you need to create an Instagram creator account or Instagram business account before leveraging the benefits of Instagram marketing. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 8 best tips that will help you to market your business on Instagram. 

Create Visually Appealing Content

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram can be considered a purely visual medium. So your posts need to be visually appealing to your consumers. You don’t need to purchase professional photography equipment to make your content attractive. But, the photos you upload need to be sharp, well-composed, and meaningful.

If you’re using animations or infographics instead of photos, make sure they are easy to read, clear, and eye-catching. Additionally, your content must be compelling kafka interview. No matter how attractive your photos are if they fail to tell stories, you won’t be able to engage followers.

Remember that unique content will boost your reach if your audiences feel interested to share your posts in their stories. So, if you’re focusing on marketing your brand on Instagram, make sure your content is worth sharing. 

Write Beautiful Captions

Instagram is indeed a visual platform, but that doesn’t mean that you need to avoid writing beautiful captions. The voice of your brand is as important as the look. Just like the photos, your captions should be attractive across different posts.

The word limit of the Instagram caption section is 2,200 characters. Whether you want to include a short caption or brief storytelling, the decision is up to you. That being said, remember that only the first two lines of your caption will appear in the newsfeed. 

Since people avoid reading lengthy captions, you should focus on including important information in the initial two lines of your caption. 

Remember that your caption should be relevant as well as compelling and informative with the photo.

Use Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags are one of the most important keys to boost your discoverability and visibility. As per Later, hashtags will help you to improve your engagement rate. However, remember that Instagram won’t allow you to use more than 30 hashtags in a post. So, make sure the hashtags are effective. 

It’s always recommended to use 6 to 10 hashtags in a post. More than that will make your post clumsy. And if you choose irrelevant hashtags, users won’t engage with your content. 

To make your hashtag strategy successful, use hashtags that are:

  • Relevant with the image
  • Relevant with your niche
  • Do not promote like or follow swapping such as like4like, follow4follow


If you want to increase engagement on Instagram, you have to engage back. Uploading quality content is great, but if you choose to avoid the comments, you’ll never be able to interact with your audiences. 

You don’t need to reply to every comment on your post. Just try to reply to at least 10% of the whole comments. You can also mention some famous accounts in the comment section to increase your visibility through a non-promotional method. If you want to increase the visibility of your profile, then boost your engagement rate by purchasing Instagram likes.

Additionally, try to pin comments from your top audiences. Or try to make a comment that will ignite a spark for conversations. 

Use Instagram Stories

Most businesses on Instagram use the stories to market their brand. As Instagram stories are one of the most important parts of Instagram’s marketing strategy, leveraging this feature will help you to become more visible on the platform.

Don’t forget that, unlike Instagram posts, Instagram stories aren’t permanent. They disappear after exactly 24 hours. While creating stories, show your real side as well as raw footage. When you do this, you’ll be able to build a relationship with your followers. 

If you notice that your fans are tagging your business in their stories, you can reshare their stories to thank them.

Use the Gift Card Sticker

Instagram now allows you to sell digital gift cards through your Instagram profile. This is one of the most effective ways to strengthen the relationship with audiences. 

Adding a gift card button is easy. Just like adding a call-to-action button, you just need to memorize three steps:

  • Click the option ‘Edit Profile’
  • Find an option named ‘Public Business Information’. Under this, you’ll find ‘Action Buttons’
  • Click on the option ‘Gift Cards’

If you want to add a gift card sticker to your story, just select the particular photo of your story and then include the gift card sicker. However, you need to have a partner provider to sell your gift card stickers amongst Instagram users. 

Go Live Frequently

Apart from Instagram stories, you can also use the Instagram Live feature to connect with your audiences in real-time. If you want to use Instagram Live perfectly, then you should remember the following strategies:

  • Collaborate with an Instagram influencer and go live together
  • Host a Q&A session
  • Share any of your products
  • Offer a behind the scene footage

Set up Instagram Shop

Do you know why we suggested you set your Instagram account as an Instagram business account? It’s because you cannot set Instagram shop without a business account. 

This feature isn’t available for personal accounts. With the help of an Instagram shop, you can create an online store within the Instagram platform. 

You can also include a ‘View Shop’ button on the top of your profile. This way your audiences will be able to see and purchase your products without clicking a specific post.

Additionally, Instagram now offers a shop tab on the newsfeed page. Upon clicking that tab, users can shop through products from different brands. You can also tag your products in the stories, posts, and IGTV.


These are the 8 most effective Instagram tips that you need to remember in 2021. Now that you know the popularity of Instagram is quite high, the competition is also large. If you don’t upload appealing pictures or beautiful content, you will face difficulty standing apart from your competitors. However, with these 8 marketing tips, it’s not hard to promote your brand on Instagram. You just have to keep patience. Apart from that, make sure that you have a strong bond with your audiences. This way they will stay loyal to your brand.