Want to learn how to make your digital marketing strategy successful the first time? Then it’s importantkey to keep in mind crucial digital marketing trends, among other factors, that could easily make or break your efforts.

If you’ve never created a digital marketing strategy before and aren’t quite sure how or where to start, then stick around for the complete low down on the nitty-gritty it all boils down to.

1.      Website Functionality

Your website will undoubtedly take center stage in your digital marketing strategy. In fact, it’s the beating heart that pumps life across your digital marketing arteries. So your digital marketing campaign may be doomed to fail before it even has a chance to speak if your web design is not up to scratch.

Among the top website metrics that have a huge say include:

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Quality of your content
  • Clarity of design
  • Interactivity and functionality

If your website is a little lacking in any of these areas, or maybe you’d just like to double-check to be certain, you may want to bring in a top digital marketing company.

2. Brand Identity

Have you incorporated your brand identity into your marketing plans? This is one of the most glaring mistakes that many businesses make when they embark on a digital marketing strategy all on their own. Thisown, This is without the help of a digital marketing agency with brand reputation management expertise.

A good digital marketing strategy should also be aimed at raising your brand recognition and ensuring that the brand image you’re putting out represents what your company is all about.

So be sure to not overlook your:

  • Motto, if you have any
  • Brand logo
  • Brand colors

Factor in these branding specifics and you’re sure to encourage audience engagement and build a powerful impression that sears into the mind of your market.

3. Goals & Specificity

You shouldn’t embark on a digital marketing strategy without noting down clear objectives. A Harvard Business Study surfaced that you’re 10 times more likely to succeed if you set goals. So it helps to first rack your brain about what objectives you’d like to hit. Do you:

  • Want to increase organic traffic volumes?
  • Aim to reduce the bounce rate and return visitors?
  • Want to drag up conversions with conversion rate optimization?

Be super specific about what you want to achieve and, while you’re at it, put a clock on your objectives. An example of an excellent goal would be to “Enhance sales by 10% from current customer base by April 2022.”

4. Digital Marketing Trends

What are the latest digital marketing trends in 2022? This is an important question to have at the top of your mind as you chisel away at molding the perfect digital marketing strategy.

Some exciting trends taking over the interwebs today that you should consider encompass:

  • Conversational marketing and personalization
  • Virtual reality ads
  • Short DIY video marketing
  • Emotional marketing
  • Marketing automation

Digital marketing can be fast-paced and unpredictable at times, so it may be prudent to also rope in the best digital marketing service in Cleveland for some guidance on the way forward, in line with what’s hot today, and your particular digital marketing needs.

5. SEO Strategy

A good SEO strategy is the blueprint for success no matter the scale or nature of your proposed digital marketing strategy.   Without one, your campaign will basically be a shot in the dark.

So as you draft your digital marketing plan, be sure to draw up an SEO strategy right alongside it. This should preferably span:

  • Important target keywords (preferably long-tail)
  • An on-page SEO audit to sniff out broken links & other problems
  • Link building tactics you’ll use to enhance content discovery
  • Content updates or republications to ensure relevance

An experienced digital marketing service can recommend a few other important SEO metrics you’ll want to take a second glance at before getting your strategy rolling.

6. Sales Funnel

If your digital marketing strategy is geared at getting a move on sales, then you’ll undoubtedly need to also come up with a strategic funnel. Here are a few simple steps on how you could handleabout this if you don’twouldn’t want to leave it up to a competent digital marketing agency to shoulder this burden:

  • Draft content & ads to raise awareness
  • Create an irresistible offer
  • Build an enticing landing page
  • Move in for the kill with a well-timed email sequence

Of course, this isn’t a universalone-fits-all representation. Your exact digital marketing funnel may be a little different depending on your target market and service/product offerings.

7.  Channel decisions

If we’re being totally honest, some marketing channels may be better suited to your business than others, and your goals will also play a pivotal role here.

For instance, if you’re focused on lead generation at the moment, you may find that PPC and email marketing are excellent ways to go. On the other hand, you may want to gravitate toward content marketing if you’re concerned about building credibility and industry authority more than anything else.

The size of your marketing budget will also influence what channels make more sense for your business under the prevailing circumstances.

8. ROI tools

How do you know whether your digital marketing strategy is working or notproving a hit or missing the mark? That’s where powerful digital marketing tools come in. It’s helpfulhelpfulimportant to have reporting software that lets you view how your campaigns are fairing across channels, so you can see where the ship needs steering back on course.  

While we won’t go into any specific software, here are some things to consider when choosing digital marketing tools:

  • Integration ability with cloud and on-service premises
  • User experience and learning curve
  • Availability and downtime rates
  • The total cost of ownership (TCI)

Furthermore, the best digital marketing service platform should also offer automation features to ease your workload.


A digital marketing strategy will help you understand your audience better, unearth hidden gems of marketing opportunities, and save you a lot of time and money.

Ultimately, the key to success all boils down to doing your homework. Aside from extensive market research to get a better picture of buyer personas, an expert digital marketing company can be your ticket to an effective digital marketing strategy that alleviates the work on your part.