E-Commerce Web Hosting Plans: With every passing moment, internet penetration around the world increases, which has led many ventures and businesses to adopt the e-commerce model of trade.

Today an incredible range of firms and organizations partake in the buying and selling of goods as well as services online while data and funds are transmitted across the electronic network, primarily the internet.From B2B to B2C and even C2C as well as C2B, the e-commerce business model has diversified and taken the world by storm.

According to a recent study by WPForms, there are an estimated 12 million to 24 million e-commerce sites worldwide, and more being created every day. With commercial transactions through electronic means on the rise, by 2021, e-commerce is expected to generate $4.5 trillion in sales per year. 

Furthermore, 61% of online consumers in the United States have made a purchase online based on recommendations from a blog, while 59% of Millennials visit Amazon first when shopping online.  

What is E-Commerce Hosting?


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Albeit some similarities with the usual web hosting services that you might have heard about, e-commerce web hosting is more than what meets the eye. E-commerce hosting in fact, goes beyond and offers a complete service along with viable solutions for businesses to run their venture online. This can include:

  • A webserver
  • Web site design, layout, and even catalog pages
  • Special capabilities that are needed to accept, confirm, and process sales orders
  • Templates for building virtual storefronts
  • Providing software for customized electronic “shopping carts”
  • Arranging secure payments and offering overall security, i.e. cybersecurity
  • Tools for tracking and managing inventory
  • Email services, chatbots, and customer support tools or facilities 

Top E-Commerce Web Hosting Plans for 2021 

Now that we are on the same page regarding how expansive e-commerce hosting can be, such as including exclusive deals and functionalities, let’s take a look at some of the best plans for 2021:

  • A2 Hosting

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While A2 Hosting is renowned for web hosting services, they have a dedicated e-commerce hosting service blazing fast and delivering reliable amenities. With A2 e-commerce hosting, you have the ability to choose Turbo Servers featuring up to 20X faster page loads compared to other e-commerce hosting providers. 

Other Facilities:

Hence this definitely improves your search engine rankings and also keeps your users happy. However, this feature is only available for the Supersonic 8 package and not include in the Runaway packages from 1-4. Other facilities include:

  • 99.9% uptime commitment
  • 1-8 GB of Ram
  • RAID-10 SSD storage from 150 to 450 GB
  • Transfer from 2 TB to 4 TB
  • Cores from 1 to 4
  • Root Access and Hassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee
  • Features e-commerce software including OpenCart, Magento, and WooCommerce 
  • Bluehost

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BlueHost Offerings

Bluehost has been there in the market for quite some time now. And has made a reputation for themselves in offering streamlined services for web hosting. However, Bluehost is also a great recommendation when it comes to e-commerce hosting as well.

They are able to do this by offering you a secure online store that is backed by the powerful tools of WooCommerce. Bluehost offers a range of e-commerce plugins, security, tools, and expert guidance. 

Their standard package offers basic features that can allow any venture to start selling online. Whereas the premium package goes further to deliver customization to grow your online presence.

Top features include an online store, blog, email marketing, unlimited products, WooCommerce plugin, storefront theme. Web traffic analysis, 24/7 customer support, payment processing, manual order creation, discount codes, etc.

It is important to keep marketing features in mind while purchasing e-commerce web hosting. As your growth depends upon how well you can market. AI is transforming digital marketing and web hosting industry. 

Having AI-powered web hosting can help you with efficient security, advantageous domain names, and automated maintenance.

  • DreamHost

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A Los Angeles-based web hosting service provider, DreamHost, was founded in 1966 by undergraduate students at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California.


While you know DreamHost as an award-winning web hosting service provider. DreamHost follows a similar path to Bluehost and primarily offers WooCommerce hosting.  Features include:

  • 24/7 expert WordPress and WooCommerce Support
  • Extreme Speed and Guaranteed Uptime
  • Powerful Caching, 1-Click Staging, and On-Demand Backups
  • DreamPress is a great package for launching your online store
  • The DreamPress Plus is perfect for catering to online stores with higher traffic and storage needs
  • DreamPress Pro is the premium package offering high-capacity architecture and extreme performance 
  • HostGator

HostGator is one of the market leaders when it comes to hosting web service. B

ut little do you know that its e-commerce hosting services are also equally good. There are several plans for you to choose from. All packages come with payment gateways, shopping carts, and SSL certificates. E-Commerce Web Hosting Plans.

Their Business Plan is heavily regarded as the best choice as it offers a free upgrade. Such as a free dedicated IP address, free domain, free SEO tools, and Positive SSL. 



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Another good choice for e-commerce hosting is InMotiion. Features and amenities include 1-Click shopping cart installs, various applications and plugins, and numerous packages for every type of e-commerce business model.

Their VPS-2000HA-S package is by far the best for established stores with higher volume traffic and a myriad of products. At Master Thesis UK, InMotion facilities are in use to deliver a seamless customer experience for valued and esteemed clients. 



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iPage officially operates as a web hosting company as well as offering a wide variety of web hosting solutions for online businesses and webmasters to create websites.

They also offer e-commerce hosting solutions that include SEO tools, shopping cart, credit card processing, and SSL certificates, to name a few. 



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SiteGround is a web hosting company founded in 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria. As of 2020, the company offers to host more than 2 million domains worldwide. Similar to Bluehost and DreamHost, SiteGround also excels in dishing out WooCommerce hosting along with other amenities. There are namely three packages such as the StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek.   


I hope this post was able to offer you some meaningful insights into some of the best web hosting plans that you can make the most of this year. For an e-commerce web hosting plan, always consider an option for the long run.

As there is a tremendous amount of data that gets assimilate quickly. And you don’t want to make a shift any time sooner than, let’s say, five years. 

So make your choice after considering all the various factors. And feasibilities so that in the end, you have an informed decision that doesn’t give you a headache in the short run. Cheers, and all the best for your future endeavors!

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