In spite of their beginnings as fruit machines that spin three or more displays of brightly colored items and dispensing flavored gum, the concept of slot machines is still very much alive. 

Like most things within casinos, they have been modernized and brought into the twenty-first century. Online slots are highly successful and entertaining to play, and they can be seen in an enormous range of themes and game concepts. 

Whether you want to spin a wheel or match symbols, it is definitely worth trying your hand at these online slots for real money in 2022. There are so many options nowadays to choose from that vary in total jackpots, chances of winning big, and overall themes, that there is bound to be something that is right for you. 

Divine Fortune

Firstly, with an average RTP percentage of 96.09%, Diving Fortune is a high-quality slot game that offers players a respectable jackpot. It is a progressive game with Ancient Greek inspirations. This means that players work towards higher amounts over time in order to secure a large jackpot at a time that suits them. 

While this slot game has been criticized for being a little bland, the prospect of earning as much as six hundred times of your stake is enough to engage even the toughest audiences.

Gonzo’s Quest

A new addition to the online slots is Gonzo’s Quest which uses 20 pay lines and is one of the first games to use avalanche reels. Following the main character around Spanish streets to solve mysteries, players are immersed in the high-quality animations and video game-like experience that this online slot provides. 

Unlike Divine Fortune, the jackpot is fixed in Gonzo’s Quest. However, there are an impressive selection of bonuses and additional features provided by the new game. Each of these can greatly increase your total winnings when you play Gonzo’s Quest. 

Treasures Of Troy

Another video slot game that is highly immersive and entertaining, as well as offering players the chance to win big is Treasures Of Troy. This game is based on the Trojan wars, and there are numerous opportunities to secure free spins. 

Simply selecting the wooden horses when you see them allows you to have a free round of spins when you need it. The spirit of the battle is captured in the exciting 1024 ways to win feature. This is a new addition that allows players to increase their line wins overall. 


While it is not a new addition to online slots, it is worth mentioning how Starburst has changed with the times. Originally dominating the field for many years as one of the best online slot games, Starburst now offers players an easy-to-use app. 

This is highly beneficial because it allows players to play whenever and wherever they like. Whether you want to play on the train or when you are waiting for your food to cook, the possibilities are endless with Starburst’s online slots and mobile app. 

Feather Of The Nile

Moving towards an Ancient Egyptian theme, players are welcomed by Cleopatra herself at the beginning of Feather Of The Nile. This game stands out for its fascinating theme and the prospect of uncovering hidden treasures and other ancient secrets. 

It has a 96% RTP and plenty of potential chances to increase your winnings as the game progresses. Make the most out of this immersive game by downloading the mobile app. This can allow you to play wherever you are as long as you have a secure internet connection. 

Mystery Reels

Taking inspiration from the original fruit symbols seen on traditional slot machines, Mystery Reels has an old-school feel. However, they have certainly used modern technology to their advantage. 

Mystery Reels follows a relatively simplistic concept, which is why the selection of potential bonuses and additional features are even more exciting. Players can win as much as five thousand times their initial stake, and it is anything but basic! 

Cosmic Heart

Finally, another exciting addition to the world of online slots is Cosmic Hearts, which offers an out-of-this-world experience to any player. Moving planets around and additional feature symbols keep you engaged and on your toes. 

Because there is a high cap on payouts, it is easy to become fully immersed in the relatively simple and easy-to-follow gameplay offered by Cosmic Heart slots. 


There are so many online slot games to choose from that can be used to win real money. It is more likely than ever before that you can find a theme that works for you, and that you find immersive and entertaining. 

Make sure that you compare the options for yourself and decide what type of features are important to you. This could be a high payout, bonus features, or a mobile app that is easy to use. Being able to play your favorite online slot game whenever you feel like it is definitely something that has helped modernize many traditional casino games. 

Regardless of what type of slot you would like to play, it is worth comparing the different choices before making a decision and trying a few different games for size.