As you know the Mobile phone is now a basic need in the world. In this article, we are sharing all of the important things to consider before going out for buying a mobile phone. The lists we have shared contain all the necessary things to consider for end-user. Check out the list below;

Operating system

If you’re still rocking a Windows Mobile device, it’s time to upgrade to an Android handset. While Windows 10 Mobile isn’t dead, the landscape for PCs are slowly turning towards the mobile operating system. This was made evident by Microsoft announcing an end to its smartphone production, which is a good sign for the industry in general. Today, you can get Windows 10 Mobile for free on certain Samsung smartphones (for example, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 5), while Microsoft also offers a free upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. There is a catch here though, as you will need to use Microsoft’s Cortana, which we don’t recommend since it is far inferior to the Google Assistant and Siri. Consider the hardware What size screen do you need? How much storage do you need?

Battery Capacity

Battery Capacity If you use your phone’s mobile data for almost 8 hours a day, you may be looking at a battery capacity of less than 3000 mAh. On top of that, most of your apps are coded to limit battery consumption. So if your phone runs at the half battery, it may stay around at 10% battery charge even if it has a 3,500 mAh capacity battery. While this may be a massive inconvenience, you can always add a USB cable to charge your phone whenever you’re on the go. So how do you check the current battery level of your device? Just turn it on, wait a bit and then press and hold the Power and Volume buttons together for around 5 seconds. If the power is there, then you know that your battery is sufficient. How to do it: Turn on your phone.

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Design of the phone

Are you into minimalistic or impactful designs? Are you in the market for a big-screen phone, or do you want a phone for less than ₹30,000? Then you should consider the design of the device. Go for phones with matte glass or metal body Solid or non-slip body is a must when you consider buying a premium device. Avoid glossy or glossy plastic that makes it easier for fingerprints to get trapped on. And no matter what, don’t settle for those phones with a cheap glass or plastic shell. If you’re going for a metallic/slimmer body, stay away from models with physical buttons or a fingerprint scanner on the back. The fingerprint scanner won’t be easy to use or unlock with wet or dry hands. Also, a large or metal camera lens might pose a problem to one-hand usage.


After you look at the specs and features on your prospective phone, you should take a good look at the storage space on it. Some phones are notorious for having more storage than you need; be sure to read the reviews before you buy. Write down your budget As we mentioned before, a budget is one of the most important things to consider before you buy a phone. So, the first thing you should do when deciding what phone to buy is set a budget. It’s the only way to stay on track. There are many of us that end up shopping for a phone without a budget, and end up buying something that we have no idea of what it will be like to have, or what it will cost us to repair.

Consider who your carrier is

It can also have an impact on your overall cost. A more expensive phone (with a new, in-hand display and a glossy screen) means that you’re likely to spend more time on setting up the new smartphone or learning new settings and features. This might drive up your monthly phone bill. Be realistic about how much you will use your phone as is often the case, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. If you primarily use your phone for the basic needs — texts, calls, emails, and social media (in the context of your job), then paying $600 to $800 for a new handset doesn’t make sense. You may have similar needs, or you might be one of those folks who use a smartphone for work purposes, too. If so, then consider the Galaxy Note 9 ($999.99 at or the Galaxy S9 Plus ($879).

Make sure to check out what your budget is?

When you buy a smartphone, you typically know exactly how much you have to spend on it. This makes it a lot easier to compare the options and get the right phone for your needs. However, don’t let that number determine what smartphone to buy. The pricing may be high, but it depends on a lot of different factors such as the components, the included accessories, the color, the storage capacity, etc. Some smartphones can be purchased at a discount when compared to their original price. Other are cheaper if you opt for a year-long contract. Still, there are many smartphone models that cost as much as $1,000 or even more.

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That’s all we can think of at the moment. We’re going to keep your eyes open on our website as we will be constantly adding new reviews to this blog. Please let us know if you think of any other aspects that should be added!