Mobile applications are taking over the world at a rapid pace. And most of these applications are built on the foundation of Android. In this technological era, Android has become indispensable owing to its numerous benefits and easy applications.

There are myriad  reasons to choose Android for your app development over other systems and each one holds significant merit. It is highly reliable, cost-effective, easy to implement, has good discoverability and the list is unending. Also, Android is capable of catering to the needs of giant organizations as well as small start-ups and everyone in between. Moreover, if you are looking to target a wider customer base, then the Android platform is the best choice. 

In the midst of all this, lie the Android developers who are responsible for the popularity of Android. The competition to hire Android developers is fierce with everyone trying to source the best talent. 

This article will shed some light on the different factors contributing to the universality of Android and why choosing android developers is the best. 

1. Innovation

Android is flexible and fun to play with. Being a brainchild of Google, Android follows its philosophy of innovation and freedom. It gives developers a lot of flexibility and space for creativity. 

Its app inclusion policy is much more versatile, giving developers more room to experiment and innovate. Most android app development companies choose the Android mobile application development platform as it encourages new ideas and aids in the building of apps that can add great value to users’ lives.

2. Compatibility

There is no doubt that Android rules the market as compared to its competitors. The primary reason is that Android developers can build android apps that can run on more devices and the number of devices that can support Android is increasing exponentially. 

It is compatible with various software and affordable as well, making it the choice of the people. Thus it would be wiser to hire Android developers for your mobile android app development to make your application more reachable. 

3. Easy Customization 

Android is open-source. An android mobile phone comes with a custom ROM specific to that device. 

Developers can edit, recompile the code to make it adaptable to a variety of devices. They can also modify the appearance and behavior of the device. As a mobile application development platform, you can use this to your advantage to generate an infinite number of code variations allowing for the rapid creation of new features and the adaptation of the app to different devices. 

4. Scalability 

With the introduction of Android studio, there was an improvement in the scalability and flexibility of the Android OS. Android app development companies have found it feasible to integrate their applications within the entire Android ecosystem using Android. This includes tablets, smartphones, watches, Android TV, and more.  

Moreover, these Android applications are compatible with various up-and-coming technologies such as AR, VR, and IoT. So employing android app development services can prove beneficial and help you achieve maximum scalability.

5. Easy Adoption platform

Java is the base of any Android application. Most of Android is run on Java which is very easy to code in.  Furthermore, the Android platform allows for the rooting of Android-based devices and the configuration of custom ROMs.Hence, Android programmers find it viable to script code for mobile applications and easily adapt to the Android platform. Moreover, the process of launching your application in Android is simple and hassle-free. 

So hire Android developers to easily access the massive market of Android. 

6. Low development cost

The Android app development platform is open source, which means it is royalty-free and not limited to the Android Market. This provides a great deal of wiggle room and liberty to experiment and be creative. The SDK architecture is also a significant benefit as it allows you to interact with the community about future mobile app development expansions. You can install Android apps from any source to expand the platform’s capabilities. 

The overall cost of the development comprises both Hardware and software. Moreover, Android is easier to pick up by the developers giving it an added edge over other platforms. Also, the Android application development platform can be easily set up on any standard laptop or computer. So, a mobile application development system that focuses on Android apps will significantly reduce the overall cost of the process.


Today, Android is not just being used to create mobile applications. It has broad uses and a broader audience with its reach expanding beyond mobile apps into developing applications for TVs, automobiles, smartwatches, and more. 

The Android Market is growing each year, and with most organizations releasing the latest versions of Android devices, android app development services are becoming popular. Every year, it brings forth ideas and trends along with improvements in quality and performance. 

You must be aware of these changes and their impact on the Android ecosystem before you choose to build up an app or hire android developers.

As an Android application development company, you must be careful in choosing the right developers. And provides the best of them. 

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