Drug addicts must do everything possible to protect sobriety and maintain their recovery. One major decision they can make is to change their scenery by leaving their hometown. While that isn’t an option for everyone it is something that can help those who can by helping them start over fresh.

Here are the top six cities to stay in for addiction recovery if you aren’t comfortable with your home environment.


Sarasota has community-based and multifaceted addiction treatment. Florida has different treatment centers and resources open to individuals. Addiction treatment in Sarasota mainly focuses on recovery and crisis services.

In addition, Sarasota has several addiction treatment facilities like Clean Recovery Centers at 6000 Deacon Place Sarasota, FL 34238.


The state government of Massachusetts recently announced that it would provide new support to the recovery community in Boston. For instance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts agreed with the state government to provide care to people seeking addiction treatment. The state aims at launching several sober living initiatives across the city and its environs.


Although Houston has a record-high number of drug and overdose deaths cases, it’s one of the best cities for recovery persons. Houston is well known for its 12-step houses where struggling alcoholics can attend meetings.

The 12-step houses are permanent structures aimed at hosting fellowships for recovering alcoholics. People can gather in substance-free zones for faster recovery.

San Diego

The county government of San Diego desires to make the city drug-free. The fantastic city has halfway houses where newly recovered addicts can relax. The state government has also developed the San Diego Second Chance program, creating opportunities for sober persons.

Delray Beach

Most flourishing recovery communities are found in the city of Delray Beach. The recovery capital of the world boasts numerous halfway houses where addicts meet and form valuable friendships. You can spot recovery addicts sipping coffee and reading books in the halfway houses. Delray Beach can hold at least 1,200 recovery persons.

Delray Beach is unique from other recovery cities as it has its recovery radio station. Other features you will find in the city include:

  • Motorcycle club.
  • Coffee house.


The city of country music is proud of its commitment to sober living. Nashville has more support clubs and meetings than any other city in the United States. A Series of drug use reports show that Nashville has the lowest drug and alcohol abuse cases. Most citizens in Nashville, Tennessee, consume nine drinks only.

You can relocate to the city and enjoy different outdoor activities as you try to overcome drug addiction. The recovery community in Nashville always has dinner parties and other outdoor events. You can choose any treatment center in the city, and you will break your old bad habits.

Wrap up

It’s hard to decide on the best recovery place, primarily when most cities across the United States provide community support to drug addicts. Fortunately, the above cities have friendly recovery and treatment centers to call home. However, remember that recovery success depends on your commitment to achieving sober living.