Nintendo DS is a handheld video game console which was produced by Nintendo and was released in November 21st, 2004. The game console has dual screen and buttons on each side. The console worked by interacting with Wi-Fi directly and was a wireless console; its main competitor was PlayStation portable. The console delivered some of the best zombie video game, such as:

Resident Evil Deadly Silence:

This video game was released on February 7th, 2006 by developer Capcom Production Studio 4 for platform like Nintendo DS. Resident Evil Dead Silence is a horror action survival role playing video game with single player mode. The game takes place in the zombie virus affected Raccoon City where the survivors are looking for a way out. Features of the game:

  • Players are given weapons to kill zombies when they attack them.
  • The game has an open environment and players can move around.
  • The game has two modes classic mode and rebirth mode
  • In classic mode players get minimal enhancements and touch screen support.
  • In rebirth mode players get to face a lot of enemies and many puzzles.
  • The screen also displays the remaining health and ammunition, by changing the background color.

Dementium: The Ward

This is a first action horror survival, first person shooter video game which was developed by Renegade Kid and was released in October 26th, 2007 for Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS. The takes on the role of William Redmoor a patient who had a brain operation and he has to fight his way back from his dreams. The protagonist roams the ward of the hospital facing the objectives that comes his way. The features of the game are:

  • Players venture through the hospital and have to find the exit.
  • The players have to solve puzzles which will allow them to move on to the next objective.
  • The players also face several monsters or zombies on their way.
  • The character only has a flashlight and has to find the weapons lying around or hidden in different wards.
  • Players can see the health bar on the screen and the map to navigate their character.

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Dean ‘n’ Furious

This zombie shooter survival horror game video game was released in May 16th, 2007 by developer Dream On Studio for Nintendo DS.  Players take on the role of Rob Steiner who was transferred to Ashdown Hole State Penitentiary. But he escapes and finds himself on an abandoned military base that has zombies. He has to fight his way to survive. The features of the game are:

  • To point the oncoming zombies’ players are required to use the stylus.
  • Hey can shoot the zombies by pointing their weapons towards them.
  • They can shoot the zombie on their head, legs, arms, and stomach.
  • Health and ammunition can be obtained by shooting cabinets and crates.
  • The weapons provided to the players are: handgun, short gun, submachine gun and a crow bar.
  • Payers need to shoot the switches in order to open the doors.
  • Lives of the player are shown on the screen.

Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys!

This zombie survival horror video game was developed by InLight Entertainment and was released on March 28th, 2008 the game was developed for Nintendo DS. Players find themselves on Earth which has been attacked by aliens and who have ray guns and are using mind control to terrorize them. The players control three good zombies to save the planet Earth. Are you willing to buy ROMs for this? Why to buy roms when you can get it free from The features of the game are:

  • The players control three zombies’ characters that will defeate the other zombies.
  • The characters can move the zombies forward and backwards.
  • There is a sound effect in the game and comic interaction.
  • The zombies can climb there, and have to make their way through the surface.
  • Each zombie has its special attack.
  • Players will find instruction on what they have to do.
  • They can simultaneously switch between the characters.
  • Players also have to collect items that are in their way.

Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ

This action shooter zombie video game was madeby Gammick Entertainment and EnjoyUp and was released in October 31st, 2008, the game supports single player mode.  The players take on the part of Red Riding Hood and Momataro and go on fighting the zombies. The features of the game are:

  • Each character has a specialty. The characteris expert when it comes to guns and Momotaro another character which is an expert when it comes to ninja stars.
  • Players can move their characters right and left.
  • Players have to shoot the zombies and dodge anything that comes their way.

The game increases its difficulty as it progresses.