A video converter enables you to convert a video from one format. There are two reasons why you need to change the format of a video. The one reason is that all the devices do not support all types of video formats, so you change the video format to play video on a certain device. The other reason is that you want to keep all your video files in the same format on your device. It is not easy to find a good video converter. Here are some video converters that are worth downloading.

Freemake Video Converter

This video converter is best for beginners. Despite having hundreds of features like the video to mp3 conversion, this app is very easy and simple to use. If you are using the app for the first time, then you will be guided step by step through different arrows and instructions written on the screen.

You can cut unwanted parts of a video through this app or can add subtitles to the video. When you download this app, you can use all its features like YouTube video conversion. After three days, you will get a notification about the to unlock of these locked features.

Plus Points

Here are some plus points of using this app.

  • One of the best features of this app is that it has built-in editing tools.
  • This app has amazing format support so that you can convert your video to any format.
  • This app can also convert videos that are hosted online.


Best video audio converter app for those whose main focus is just output. The interface of this app is not so friendly. If you are a beginner, this app is not for you as it takes some time to get used to it.

If you work on different platforms and need good output, then this app is made for you. This app can operate well on windows, mac, and Linux. In addition, there are many advanced video conversion features in this app, like filtering and frame adjustment.

Plus Points

Here are some of the plus points of using this app.

  • This converter offers the quick preset option to those who want fast results.
  • Amazing advanced features in this app.
  • Has good format support.

Any Video Converter Free

This converter is considered one of the best video converters. In this converter, you can convert files both online and offline. In case if you do not have an internet connection, you can use this converter to convert video into a format that you can watch offline.

This app is not limited to YouTube, as you can use it for other platforms like Facebook and Metacafe. This app also has some video editing features that you can use, like trimming, effects, and filters.

Plus Points

Here are some plus points of using this app.

  • You can convert video to mp3 or any other format that is hosted online through this app.
  • This converter has some video editing tools that you can use.

Free HD Video to Audio Converter Factory

The perfect app for beginners or for those who want to keep things simple and easy. You can learn about the whole app in a few seconds. Most of you will think that if the app is so easy to use, it will have fewer features, but it is not true. This converter has all the features and tools that are required in a good video converter.

You can use the app for trimming, cropping, and as a video to audio mp3 cutter. But this converter is not good for those who want a high-quality resolution as it does not support 1080p.

Plus Point

Here are some plus points of using this app as a video converter.

  • There is a 10-second guide on the website of this app to learn this app completely. You can indeed master the app in those 10 seconds.
  • Convert a video in a few clicks as you have to drag and drop files or videos.

Free Video to mp3 Converter

If you are looking for a free video or mp3 converter app, this app is the best option. This app is completely free as there are no in-app purchases. However, the output options of this app are very limited. In addition, this converter is not on the top because its videos have a watermark on them.

Plus Point

Here are some plus points of using this app.

  • With this converter, you can convert batches of videos at the same time. You also can save all the files of a batch to save in a single file.
  • The processing power of this converter is amazing, and you can convert a video quickly.
  • This app is considered extremely user-friendly, and anyone can use it.

How To Choose A video to audio mp3 Converter

Here are some factors that you should consider while choosing a video or audio converter. 

  1. The user interface of the app should be easy and simple. You do not want to waste your time learning software before using it.
  2. The converter must offer multiple features. For example, some of the YouTube mp3 converters mentioned above have video editing tools too. This way, you can make some changes to the video in the same app.
  3. The videos converted by the converter must be compatible with multiple devices. You do not want the video you converted to be played on a single device.
  4. If you choose any random video to audio free converter, then you might face some issues. Like there are some converters in which the quality of the converted video decreases. So check whether the quality of the video is maintained or not.
  5. Always prefer completely free apps. Some apps claim to give you advanced features if you buy their premium subscription. But if you do some search, you can find some good apps that offer these features for free.
  6. Always choose a credible app. you do not want your personal information to get leaked or misused.

In A Nutshell

All the factors mentioned above are crucial to consider while choosing a video converter. The apps that are mentioned above are rated well and considered good as compared to other converters. See your needs, then choose the right app for yourself.