Have you ever thought of living at a destination where you went to spend your summer holidays? Sometimes people are so much fascinated by a place that they wish to spend their entire life there. This might also have happened to you. Vacation destination sometimes leaves an everlasting impression on our minds. We start wondering what life would be if we can move to vacation cities.

There are many cities that draw the attention of new residents based on countless things. Most often, due to having exquisite appeal and sometimes quality of life it offers. Whatever the reason is, moving to vacation cities is always a will but not acted upon. If you are willing to know about the top destinations here you can move, you are at the right spot. We have prepared a list of top vacation cities that make a great place to live and retire.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, Southern Carolina, is a destination famous for its charm, modernity, and culture. It’s a tourist attraction point and hundreds of people visit this city every year. There are many reasons why this is the best place to find a house of your own. The main thing that concerns most people is the cost of living. But, being here, you don’t have to worry about that. The housing is cheap, and the cost of living is also inexpensive. If you are a businessman, then for sure, you can even flourish your business at this location. It is a favorite among retirees because of its coastal settings and historical environment. The next comes the climate and weather. You will witness a beautiful amalgamation of mild climate with southern temperatures. It is a location full of history, indoor and outdoor activities, shopping, and history. It is also popular due to its excellent restaurants, boating tours, and architecture.

Austin, Texas

If you have visited Austin, Texas, you must have thought of living at this prominent location. Falling in love with Austin is nothing new, and there are plenty of reasons associated with that. There are dozens of famous magazines that have ranked Austin as the best place to live. Apart from its affordability, the culture, diversity, and job opportunities make this place a perfect place to move on. Most people love recreational activities and love getting into shape. If you plan to move to Austin, then don’t worry; it has covered all for you.

Austin is not the only place for retirees, but also for college grads, savvy investors, and tech gurus. But, Austin may seem like a metro college town to many. What they don’t know is the suburbs that connect you with adult communities and traditional real estate. Nature is not far from you if you are residing in Austin. You can admire some of the most beautiful lakes and open spaces while living there. You must also know that the city borders with one of the most attractive sites in the Hill Country Region in Texas. Here you can enjoy the picturesque view of mesmerizing nature. If you plan to move to vacation cities, don’t forget to get Austin to your wish list.

Branson, Missouri

Branson, Missouri, is a beautiful city that has long welcomed tourists from many countries worldwide. The city offers you a moderate cost of living and an affordable lifestyle and a low crime rate. The good thing about moving here is that you have plenty of employment opportunities. Apart from all this, you can witness attractive sites and beautiful nature. Branson is a city that fits all age groups. From outdoor activates to grand festivals, you can find many things to enjoy and cherish.

If you are a fan of attending live shows, this is the right city for you. Besides the live shows, you will also find many exciting events that are entertaining for all ages. Branson is also suitable for those looking to pursue their education. It is a hub of some of the most renowned universities and colleges. Hence, you can also continue your studies after moving there. 

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee, is also famous and known as the Music City. According to many journalists across the US, Nashville is the trendiest place to live in the US. But the rising popularity has increased the cost of living to great extents. You don’t have to worry about that. There is a countless job that overweighs expenses. The top industries include tourism, music, technology, and healthcare. Nashville is also a city where you can admire cultural diversity. This city welcomes people from all races and cast. There is no discrimination based on caste, color, religion, or culture. It is a place that offers diversified opportunities for outdoor and indoor games. People of all age groups can enjoy while being in this beautiful city.

Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota, Florida, is a city where you can find the most lovely beaches in the United States. This city serves all the amenities of a metropolitan city and still not overly crowded. The climate and temperature are mild, which is the main attractive element of this city. Sarasota also has state-of-the-art schools, colleges, and affordable universities. The housing is also under the budget, and you can own a real state without tangling up in hefty policies. There are countless non-rental houses that you can buy in almost every part of the city. If you love art and artsy buildings and architecture, then for sure you want to start living your life here. The city is home to famous restaurants, shops, recreational parks, and much more. There are also dozens of art galleries and museums, and historical places that you can visit.


The cities mentioned above are just a few out of many that you can add to your wish list. It is imperative to get all the necessary information about the state or city you are willing to move. You must know about the expenses, cost of living, education, job opportunities, and other facilities. This will help you to prepare your shifting smoothly and prevent you from any further hassles.