Live blackjack is one of the most popular casino games that depend on luck. The basic rule to win the game is to get as close to 21 or blackjack and beat the dealer’s hand. However, generations of players have developed tips and tricks to increase their odds of winning in live blackjack. Though it is a game of chance, there is no harm in trying the said tips to have a higher winning advantage.

So to get started, here are the top 5 tips for playing live blackjack.

  1. Split set of aces or pair of 8s.

Playing live blackjack can get interesting if you got a pair of aces or a pair of 8s. Having an identical first two cards allows you to split and play with two hands.

Splitting pair aces will give you another chance to win in blackjack. While adding two 8s is only 16, which is the worst hand when playing blackjack. If you add two 8s, you are too far away from 21, and you are at a higher risk of going over 21 in the next card. Thus, splitting two 8s gives you a higher chance of getting close to 21 on your next card.

  1. If you got number 10 or 6 pairs, split them.

If you’re lucky enough to get a pair of 10s during your first move, you have an extremely high value in your hand. Also, the live dealer will have a less likely chance of getting close to 21, for you possess number 10. Your risk of depletion is also relatively high.

On the other hand, if you got a pair of 6s, it only sums up to 12. Thus, splitting them can give you a lower risk of exceeding 21 on your next card. However, if you got number 10 on your next card, you only got 16 which is a bad hand.

  1. Think twice before you take out the Insurance

It is not a tip but a basic rule when playing live blackjack. If the case that the dealer’s upcard is an ace and you assume that the next card will be number 10, which will lead to 21 points, then insurance is your last resort.

Using insurance will protect you from the live dealer’s blackjack hand. However, it involves that half of your initial stake will be the insurance stake. Thus, taking out insurance is considered the worst live casino bet for blackjack players.

  1. Blackjack Card Counting

Although card counting in blackjack is disliked by many, especially in land-based casinos, it is not illegal. Now that casino operators use surveillance cameras, they can easily see every player’s move.

But since no one is watching you when you’re playing live blackjack, you have the chance to improve your card counting skills. So opting to play live blackjack is ideal for beginners to master this skill.

  1. Know when to Strike and Stand

The most important tip that every player should master, knowing when to strike and stand when playing live blackjack. It means that you should estimate your hands and add up or not an extra card. To do so, you should compare your hand over the dealer’s hands and avoid losing a great hand.

If the value you possess hasn’t reached or exceeded 17, it is ideal to have another card or take a strike. When the live dealer has number 10, you must not take another strike as you’re at high risk of going over 21. Thus, playing live blackjack is not all about your luck but requires basic mathematical strategies.