Whenever we talk about small businesses, the first thing that sticks to our mind is profitability. Well, who doesn’t want to earn a hefty amount with just a miniature investment? But is it possible to run a successful small business with a small investment? We can say, ‘yes, it is 100% possible’. Although it’s important to focus on the type of small business idea, you want to execute. With this, let’s talk about the type of most profitable businesses in America and Germany. 

Real Estate:

Buying, selling & renting the land has become one of the leading profitable businesses. Real estate consultants have emerged their businesses like a wildfire, which helps them in generating long-term profit just in a short period. Ralph DiPiero Arizona is the one who runs his successful real estate business in San Diego California, America, and Jes Klint who works on sustainable real estate concepts in Germany and Mallorca. They two have listed their names on the top list of real estate professionals. 

Food Services:

Amid the pandemic, the foodservice business has become one of the fastest running businesses in the world. Similarly, many people in America and Germany have started their takeaway food services. As people find home food more hygienic and safe compared to rushy restaurants. People are more concerned about the health that make them emphasize homemade food. 

Fitness Instructor:

Becoming a fitness instructor in the pandemic is one of the blessings as several people are concerned about their mental and physical health in such a drastic time. When most of the offices are closed, the corporate world has asked their employees to work from home, at such a situation, people are finding fitness instructors online, so they can stay fit and healthy. Yoga and gym instructor have started online courses and are offering their expensive pieces of advice online. Don’t you think it’s a great idea, without going anywhere and earning digitally! 

Online Clothing Business:

One of the profitable businesses of all time is the Garment/clothing business. Whether it’s a winter season or summer season, one thing that does not get out of stock is the clothing collection. People love to buy clothes and even in the COVID-19 pandemic, they tend to shop for different clothing brands. Now, when online clothing marketing has emerged as the biggest shopping platform, entrepreneurs are also taking risk of expanding their businesses. 

Nutrition Experts:

Nowadays, people are more concerned about their health and they are taking counseling from doctors for the same. Even nutrition experts and doctors are also finding the online medical counsel sessions more profitable as it doesn’t include the risk of interacting and it enlightens their patients through online mode. Similarly, Henning Pless is a health nutrition expert who has a team of medical professionals situated in Germany. He has developed the modern diagnosis-therapy-health concept and he is the right expert for healthy weight loss, nutrition, nutritional advice, metabolic activation. With the help of his team, he is creating successful health concepts for his patients for over 20 years. Just like Henning, numerous nutrition experts are rendering their prestigious medical services across the globe.