San Diego is a city that offers plenty of things to do while you are visiting, or even if you live there. If you are a person who mainly seeks luxurious pastimes, it can be daunting to find something that you will enjoy. Though this may be the case in some cities, it is definitely not the case in San Diego. With options such as a luxury yacht charter and a hot air balloon, you are sure to find something that will get you your luxurious fix. Our yacht rental Dubai company offers state of the art amenities. Select one of your taste from our extensive fleet of luxury yachts.

1) Luxury Yacht Charter

What is more luxurious than signing up for a luxury yacht charter? Not much. Imagine yourself, with your summer body and your swimsuit on, sitting on the top deck and soaking in the rays of the sun and the views from the city in the distance. Sounds magical, doesn’t it? Whether you are searching for a relaxing day or something more upbeat, such as a bachelorette party or a wedding, the luxury yacht charters at Standard Yacht will be able to provide you with whatever it is you are searching for.

2) Helicopter Ride

Fly high over “America’s Finest City” in a luxurious helicopter. Let a professional helicopter pilot fly you and your friends or family over La Jolla Cove and downtown San Diego. Catch glimpses of Mission Bay and the USS Midway. The iconic Coronado Bridge is a sight to behold from the sky. You will feel like a movie star during your wonderful helicopter ride.

3) Safari Excursion

You won’t have to go all the way to Africa for the safari adventure you have always wanted to experience! At the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, you can experience feeding giraffes and rhinos, as well as catching close-up glimpses of exotic birds. All of this is from the comfort of a covered safari truck and will take you at least two hours to make it through. Additionally, there is a safari zipline, for those in your group that have a more adventurous side.

4) Hot Air Balloon Ride

Similar to a helicopter ride, but much more romantic. Seriously, what sounds more romantic than softly gliding through the air with your loved one? If floating in the sky in a hot air balloon basket has always been a dream of yours, there is no better place to do it than in San Diego. You can soar over the Rancho Santa Fe and the coast at heights that will allow you to see all the way to Mexico on a good day.

5) Chauffeured Winery Tour

Perfect for the wine lover amongst you, chauffeured tours will take you to family-run wineries in either the San Pasqual, Ramona, or Highland Valleys. You will experience a wide variety of wines, fruit and cheese platters, and wonderful views. Depending on the winery, you may get a tour of the facilities, as well as a run-down of how that particular winery operates. Depending on the tour, you may be treated to a fantastic dinner that will make you happy you came!