Calories and alcohol – you won’t get one without the other. 

Alcoholic beverages usually have high amounts of calories and sugar in each drink, which can be detrimental to your health, increasing weight gain and various other health problems. 

If you’re trying to shed a few pounds, alcoholic drinks are usually the first thing to go from your diet. However, several low-calorie options have become widely popular in the UK, allowing you to enjoy a drink with your pals without worrying about your waistline. 

Here are 5 of the lowest calorie alcohol drinks in the UK that are found in most major supermarkets and pubs near you:

1. Light beer 

‘Light beer’ is still beer. It is brewed in the same way and tastes pretty much the same. It just contains fewer calories. It is a favourite among health-conscious consumers, but do not let this fool you. There is a common misconception surrounding Light beers: certain consumers assume they are extremely low in alcohol, with no flavour or body. The reason for this brand of low-calorie alcohol’s popularity is that, whilst fitting into any low-calorie diet you might be on, they rival the tastes of any normal beer; crispy, full of flavour and just as bodied. The ‘light’ refers to the low-calorie content per drink, not the taste. 

Out of the light beer brands in the UK today, Tennent’s Light is the obvious choice. Tennent’s Light, known as “Scotland’s Soundest Pint, ” comes in at a sound of 3.5% ABV. This light beer brand is a strong favourite in Scotland and the UK, with 60% of consumers preferring the taste of this malty-tasting brew to other light beer brands; it is a clear winner. Not to mention it’s only 60 calories per bottle, coming in at the lowest on the list! 

2. Low-calorie wine

Wine is a drink that can be enjoyed in many ways – with a nice meal, with a loved one, or even at a cheap pre-drinks at your mates house before a night out. However, a bottle of white wine contains around 620 calories on average. Therefore, wine is probably not what you would expect to find at number 2 on this list, but here we are. Whether red or white, wine can be enjoyed as part of a low-calorie diet, with more and more low-calorie options becoming available in shops in the UK. 

Brancott Estate Flight Sauvignon Blanc – This low-calorie wine offers only 75 calories per 125ml and a smooth 9% ABV. This zesty wine comes in at 20% less alcohol and calories than other Sauvignon Blanc brands, making it a clear winner in the wine department and number two on this list of low-calorie alcoholic drinks. 

3. Gin and tonic 

A classic. 

Becoming trendy in the early 18th century, gin was added to tonic water to make its bitter and harsh taste more palatable, along with sugar, ice, and lemon. As a result, the popular highball drink was created and thus became an English classic. 

Out of the different types of gins that are available today, Bombay Sapphire is the clear-cut winner. This top-shelf alcohol comes in at 47% ABV with only 56 calories per 25ml, making it one of the lowest-calorie gins. When it comes to gin, the classic blue bottle that is Bombay Sapphire stands out as a favourite for its bright and aromatic taste. 

4. Vodka and coke

The chances are you, and your pals will be well acquainted with this low-calorie drink that has been the driving force behind some of your best (and worst) nights out. 

Absolut Vodka: This is the best option if you’re looking to save a few pounds and shed some, too, coming in at 40% ABV and 55 calories per 25ml. Pair it with tonic and lime for the best low-calorie mix to guarantee a guilt-free morning.

5. Hard Seltzer 

This popular grab-and-go low-calorie drink contains seltzer (carbonated water) and alcohol with some fruity flavourings – essentially a guilt-free alcopop. This tasty low, calorie alcoholic beverage found fame in the US in the last six years and is now appearing in the UK market. 

Out of the Seltzer brands, one is notorious for being a favourite for college students in America. White Claw is the most popular brand, skyrocketing in popularity during 2018. Increased amounts of health-conscious drinkers made this low-calorie drink a success. Coming in number 5 on this list with 95 Calories per 330ml serving at 4.5% ABV.