Kulai is located in Johor, Malaysia, only 15 kilometers away from Johor Bahru. Are you tired of the same food and cafes that everyone recommends? Don’t worry! I’m here to help you go on your food journey like a local in Kulai. These are the food and restaurants you must eat in Kulai.

1. Tropical Garden Restaurant Kulai

If you are in Kulai, you should not miss Tropical Garden Restaurant. This is a well-known restaurant serving some of the best Chinese food in town. This restaurant, which provides customers with more than 100 kinds of Chinese dishes, is always full of customers, especially during the daily peak hours and special occasions.

Don’t forget to order the Crispy Boneless Chicken with Pad Thai Sauce, Tropical Garden’s signature dish and one that most foodies flock to. Their dish is unique with a layer of crushed cashew nuts on the bottom and crispy chicken skin on top.

The two layers are perfectly paired with the juicy and tender chicken in the middle, and the sweet and spicy sauce served with the chicken is definitely a feast for the eyes.

You can also try the Superior Double Boiled Seafood. They cook scallops, abalone, sea cucumber, prawns, pork tendon and shiitake mushrooms in a sweet and rich chicken broth. You can definitely taste the sweetness, juiciness and freshness of the seafood with every bite, and the amazing chicken broth.

If you’re craving fish, try the signature fried snapper with two flavors of sauce. The snapper fried until golden, then served on the lotus leaf, is crispy on the outside, juicy and juicy on the inside, with a slightly sweet taste, it is estimated to evoke your taste buds.

The fried snapper is drizzled with a thick and savory spicy sauce on one side and a sweet and spicy sauce on the other. If you travel to Kulai with your family, you must come to this well-known restaurant, and you will definitely feel that it is worth the money!

2. Happy Land Ice Kacang Kulai

Still thinking hard about where to go in the hot Kulai? Bring your friends or family to Happy Land Ice Kacang located in Taman Kota Kulai. This is a well-known local restaurant with the best Ice Kacang in town!

This old-fashioned food stall is always packed with customers looking to “cool down” on a hot day with the cool and refreshing unique Ice Kacang.

If you come to Happy Land Ice Kacang, you’ll find everyone has a bowl of coconut milk shaved ice topped with jumbo red beans and creamed sweet corn. The owner also hides attap seeds, grass jelly and pandan out of reach of customers and puts them on the bottom of the shaved ice, served with coconut milk.

One of the selling points that makes Happy Land’s Ice Kacang so great is the scoop of old-fashioned vanilla ice cream on top of the ice in each bowl of popsicles. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have one too?

You can also try the mango ice, it’s also very popular, especially with the ladies. Served with shaved ice, fresh mango chunks and canned peaches, the sweet and sour mango ice is sure to brighten up your day.

If you’re craving some other snacks, you shouldn’t miss the Rojak and fried chicken.

3. Heng Hainanese Chicken Rice Stall

If you’re in a hurry and running out of time, stop by Heng Hainanese Chicken Rice Stall in Taman Kulai as you get instant food here and it’s sure to trigger your taste buds , and satisfies your fasting stomach.

For decades, Hainanese Chicken Rice Stall has served customers the best Hainanese chicken rice and is an iconic destination for locals craving the best chicken rice in town.

Similar to other food stalls, this humble chicken stall serves customers juicy and tender roast chicken, as well as sweet, smooth and tender white chicken. Both types of chicken will be topped with a secret recipe’s tantalizing homemade sauce that’s sure to maximize the chicken’s deliciousness.

Not to mention the tender yet firm yellow rice served with the chicken poured over chicken stock and garlicky. Don’t forget to enjoy your favorite chicken rice with homemade savory chilli sauce which is sure to boost your satisfaction.

Another signature grilled pork belly at Heng Hainanese Chicken Rice Stall is one you shouldn’t miss either!

4. Mok Chai Noodles restaurant

Be sure to visit Mok Chai Noodles for some of the best beef noodles in town! Serving customers the iconic beef noodles for over decades, the restaurant is run by two generations, owner Mr Mok Chai and his son. The restaurant offers customers two types of beef noodles, soup or dry.

The dry beef noodles are a favorite and highly recommended, usually sold out hours before closing time. Another selling point that makes Mok Chai’s beef noodles so extraordinary is that the beef noodles are served with broad rice noodles instead of the typical kuey teow, which may endear customers more.

A wide bowl of rice topped with chewy and fresh succulent slices of beef, perfectly matched to the signature Secret Recipe brown sauce at the bottom of the bowl, is the main reason for most hard-earned foodies.

Try to get in early and grab the chance to sample the signature dry beef noodles, otherwise, you’ll have to settle for the beef noodles with soup and pork noodles, which are also worth trying but not as popular as the dry beef noodles.

5. Wak Kentut Nasi Lemak

Visit Wak Kentut Nasi Lemak for the best nasi lemak in town! This Malay-style food stall in Taman Kulai Besar is well-known among locals and even Singaporean foodies, which is why it is often crowded and sold out before closing time.

The most attractive feature of nasi lemak is that the rice is soft and moist, full of coconut milk fragrance, and it is served with spicy fried noodles, cucumber and unique homemade sweet and spicy sambal, which will definitely stimulate your taste buds! They are good enough to beat all the nasi lemak stalls in Kulai!

Make sure to have a piece of the famous fried chicken with your nasi Lemak. You can use the provided “thong” to choose the part of fried chicken you like, and the staff will help you cut it into pieces before serving. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the outside, I bet you’ll be craving more than one piece of fried chicken!

If you are looking for a delicious dinner or even a late night snack, Wak Kentut Nasi Lemak must be your first choice. It’s also a great place to reunite with long lost friends as it’s open until 12 midnight!

Kulaijaya boasts a plethora of natural attractions, showcasing its pristine and refreshing environment. In addition, the place is renowned for its traditional Hakka-style cuisine. If you’re searching for a unique destination to visit, consider exploring Kulaijaya!

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