With the recent lockdowns introducing travel and social gathering restrictions, the usual chatting, going out and making new friends took a hit. Our busy lives with preset daily routines, chores and duties get monotonous. Work becomes more mechanical lacking fun, frolic, and banter. The absence of fun elements makes life look grey and dull. In fact, social interactions are an important part of the overall physical and mental health of any human being. 

We’ve got to find solutions! 

One of them are global social communication and networking platforms such as Funchatt — a space for people looking to find genuine connections and wave goodbye to boredom and loneliness.

On Funchatt, there are millions of people from across the world with diverse experiences, making it a perfect place to chat. Funchatt provides an opportunity to meet people from different cultures, places, and societies, which poses a chance for conflict as it takes more effort to understand dissimilar value systems. What may seem alright to you may not be alright to others. We don’t need to always be right. As rightfully said, “To err is human.”

Funchatt is a fun place to enjoy the company of friends and get entertained with live streams. Hence, Funchatt team can share with you some of the best practices of the platform that allow us to focus more on fun, rather than on boring conflicts resolution.

Do you need conflict resolution strategies?

Conflict arises due to disagreement or varied opinions on the topic of interest. It results in an encounter between two opposing viewpoints, which can be smoothed, when handled carefully using the below-mentioned conflict resolution strategies.

Good conflict resolution strategy helps to cooperate and communicate with people in harmony, mutual trust and understanding. It also aids in building fruitful, long-term relationships with friends. These conflict resolution strategies are not only the best practices on Funchatt but are helpful in every sphere of life.

Top 5 conflict resolution strategies from Funchatt team:

Step 1. Accept

One of the essential conflict resolution strategies is being accommodative. It means empathizing with other people, understanding their viewpoint, and being polite if disagreement arises. It involves stepping a little aside to give other people the required space.

Being accommodative doesn’t mean always giving in. Instead, it means winning over with your strengths and understanding of the situation. On Funchatt, interacting with others and being adaptable to others with understanding go a long way in building long-term relationships.

Step 2. Avoid Conflict

Abstaining from the situations which you know already will end up in an argument and confrontation may be beneficial. This way you save your energy and peace of mind. Avoid conflict when there is no possible solution to the problem. It is better to stay away from such a situation and let the other person calm down and get away with their opinion.

It is always better to settle and discuss a conflict when both sides are ready to listen. Sometimes you rise at a feather and do not want to hear anything. Thus it is better to wait for the right time or stay away from the open confrontation.

Step 3. Compromise

To compromise means to reach the middle ground and not be stuck only on your own idea about the situation. While interacting with your friends on Funchatt, you’ll get to the issue of different opinions. It’s always better in such situations to create a win-win situation for both parties and find a common path to walk. Intelligence is to agree in the middle, taking into account each other’s opinions. It helps you grow and learn faster, avoid unnecessary tussles and build long-term relationships. To compromise is to look at the bigger picture and be able to appreciate other opinions.

Step 4. Collaborate

To collaborate is to work jointly with others. Efficient collaboration brings out the best in each person and builds harmony. Friendship and relationship building are collaborative efforts. You can only get fruitful results, when both parties are ready to collaborate. Building friendship on Funchatt or in real life requires the involvement and interest of both sides — « it takes two to clap ». Any human interaction involves commitment and effort from both sides.

Working in collaboration builds long-term connections with your friends. Similarly, while interacting on Funchatt, being collaborative will help bring out the best of you and make genuine friends. As friendship is not a one-sided affair, it involves more than one person to build lasting friendships.

Step 5. Communication Is Not a Contest

A contest means engaging in a competition to win over the situation by being way too argumentative and protective over your opinion. It’s a complete no-no situation, as it does not build or mend relationships and friendships — it only adds stiffness. Winning an argument by keeping your relationship aside and getting overboard is not worth the effort. 

A contest does not bring out any favorable results. It’s a waste of energy, effort and time. Proving yourself right does nothing to bring out any satisfactory conflict resolution. Contesting adds an unnecessary pressure in which, despite winning the argument, you might lose the relationship. And this is certainly not worth the effort.

How can you practice conflict resolution strategies?

As Funchatt is a global platform, it has people from all around the world. This platform serves as a melting pot combining the people of all beliefs, cultures, and nationalities. While interacting with people of a different background than yours, you may sometimes falter in understanding their viewpoint. This does not mean you have to seek a conflict. But in case it is needed, the conflict resolution strategies will help you handle hostile situations and be more active on the Funchatt platform. The practice of conflict resolution will manifold the joy in your daily life, reducing the friction among the people around you and will help you work cohesively together.

On the platform you’ll find genuine people who want to add moments of fun, excitement and laughter to their lives. Funchatt is a networking space for those looking to get away from boredom and loneliness, adding a new spark to light up their daily routines. 

Join Funchatt now to communicate, build worldwide friendships and learn about new cultures!