Most of us know that Scotland, all through its history, is home to many castles. And Scotland is known for its castles too. So if you are also fascinated by such historic and vintage castle things, this writ is for you. 

Here is the article about the top 5 castles in Scotland you should visit. 

  1. Edinburgh Castle:

If you are a lover of sightseeing, then this castle is best for it in Scotland’s capital city. It is one of the very well-known attractions in Scotland. Edinburgh Castle is located all above the city to the hilltop on Castle Rock. 

Nowadays, Edinburgh’s castle is the most visited place in Scotland, and it has good reasons for it. This way, you get to know about the role of this castle in Scottish history and how it became the most attacked UK fortress. 

Inside the castle, you can see the gems and jewels that belong to the Scottish crown. So visiting Edinburgh castle would be worth it. 

  1. Stirling Castle:

If you are visiting Scotland with your kids, then this is the place you should go. Stirling Castle is a must if you want to know about the heart of Scottish history alongside keeping your kids entertained. 

This Scottish castle sits right at the top of the castle hill and at the heart of Stirling, which is the unmissable mark all around the area. You know Stirling is known as the “brooch of Scotland,” and this was the price point for most of the legendary battles of Scotland that also included the sieges of Stirling castle.  

You will enjoy the lush gardens with views all over the valley. There is a special enjoyment for kids there that they get dressed up as court officials or maids of honor.

  1. Dunrobin Castle:

Are you the one you like fairy tale romance? If yes then you should visit this castle must. Dunrobin features towering spires and grand baronial architecture with a wonderful fairytale look. If you are around somewhere in the northern Highlands, it would be great to spend some of your time wandering around Dunrobin with someone special. 

This castle is the largest Scottish castle with a lot of history involved. 

  1. Ardvreck Castle:

If you like horror and mysteries, then Ardcreck castle is the place for you. It is best for hunting for ghosts and other spooky encounters. However, you should beware because these halls in the castles get haunted by ghosts. 

It is the 15th-century castle that has rumors of having two ghosts, one was a tall man in grey, and another was a spooky little girl. They said that both of those died while visiting the MacLeod Clan. There are a lot more myths and rumors about this castle. 

If you don’t believe in such mythical and supernatural stuff, Ardvreck Castle is still worth visiting because of its stunning atmosphere, location, and architecture. 

  1. Eilean Donan Castle:

It is the 20th century, and almost everyone is obsessed with Instagram for photos. If you are like this too, this is worth visiting the castle. 

This castle sits on the road to the Isle of Skye, one of Scotland’s highlands. Eilean Donan is on a small tidal in between Alsh and Loch Dutch. This castle is a great opportunity to capture photos for your Instagram or Pinterest. 

The castle stood strong for more than five centuries before getting destroyed in 1719 as it was involved in the Jacobite rebellions. 

Interested in Scottish Castles?

If yes, then this is the opportunity for you to wander and explore what happened centuries before. If you are visiting from London or going back to London after your trip, then there is an excellent airport taxi service in London available for your ease. 

Everything is there; all you need is to make a plan and execute it. Then, Scottish castles are waiting for you!