Whether you are running your own successful cake business from home and have regular customers in your local area, are the manager or owner of your own cake shop, or are simply looking for new ways to experiment with decorating cakes, regardless of your motivation, you have come to the right place.

Here are the top five cake decorating accessories you should head out and buy right now!

  1. Stainless Steel Spatulas

Watch any cake decorating or baking program on the television and you will notice that there is rarely a single wooden spatula in sight.

Instead, professional cake decorators choose to use a stainless steel spatula, usually with a wooden handle, which is far more durable and simultaneously, substantially more effective. Not only is such a tool perfect for securing a neat and thin layer of frosting on the top of the cake when you start decorating, but also much more flexible more intricate frosting on the sides of the cake too. 

  1. Double-Headed Sugar Shapers

If you have not already heard of these small, but powerful, tools then you are truly missing out. 

Essentially, sugar shapers are modeling tools which are the ideal way to shape, add texture, smooth, and add the final flourishes on any size of shape of cake—and indeed any other sugar work. Generally, sugar shapers come in a pack of six and have a smaller and larger head on each tool, with grips across the edges of both sides. 

  1. Customized Stencils

For those who are practicing their baking and decorating skills ahead of making a cake, or cookies, for a loved one’s birthday—or other special occasion—then personalization is a wonderful way of showing them how much thought has gone into the treat. 

Turn your attention to the online world of decorating accessories and visit confectioncouturestencils.com where you can design personalized stencils for all kinds of baking and cake work. 

  1. Cake Levelers

Next up, while not a cake decorating tool per se, a quality and even high-end cake leveler is the one tool which will set apart your cakes from those of your friends and peers, and can even elevate the final aesthetic impression of a cake to that of a professional level. 

Now, as with a plethora of other baking tools, if you buy a cheaper brand, you are likely to have to buy it twice, and instead, you should choose to invest in a more expensive cake leveler. 

  1. A Complete Piping Set

As the old expression goes, “a poor workman blames his tools,” but when it comes to cake decorating and frosting, it is certainly more appropriate. 

You have probably been using the same piping set for a long time now and instead, if you have not recently bought one, you still may have to “make do” with certain sizes of funnels which are not entirely appropriate for the level of finesse required. 

Treat yourself to a deluxe set of piping tools, with the term “deluxe” not referring to the price of the set, but moreover to the wide range of different heads and tubes available.