Are you looking to start a small business this year but need help knowing where to begin? Then look no further, as in this blog post, we’ll discuss the top five best UK-based small business ideas for 2023. With the constantly fluctuating economy, starting a new venture is always intimidating – yet it can also be gratifying! Whether your passion lies within retail, baking or even pet care services, plenty of intriguing options will get any budding entrepreneur off on the right track. So read on to explore all the available opportunities and discover which one might fit your career goals and ambitions!

  1. Online Course Creator:

With the rise of online learning, creating and selling courses has become an excellent way for small businesses to make money. You can create courses on any topic, from finance to cooking, and sell them via your website or through platforms such as Skillshare or Udemy.

  • Professional Services:

If you have expertise in a particular field, offering professional services is a great way to start a business. Also, a lot of taxi companies like Platinum Cars are taking professional services from individuals including accounting, financial advisory, web design, personal trainers, language tutoring and management consultancy. You can market yourself directly to potential clients or sign up with agencies that provide freelance professionals.

  • Social Media Consultant:

As social media becomes increasingly essential for businesses of all sizes, there is a growing demand for social media specialists who can help organisations maximise the impact of their presence. You will need a good understanding of how each platform works and an up-to-date knowledge of digital marketing trends.

  • Virtual Assistant:

 Businesses increasingly outsource administrative tasks such as bookkeeping, customer service, data entry and research to virtual assistants. It gives them more time to focus on their core activities while saving money. Becoming a virtual assistant can be an excellent way to start a business with minimal upfront costs.

  • App Developer:

With the rise of smartphone usage and mobile technology, developing apps has become one of the most lucrative small business ideas. To get started, you must have a good coding and design background. You can then create apps for clients or develop your idea and sell it through the app store.


From steady retail shops to budding online businesses, the UK offers countless opportunities for a hefty income. For those with creative entrepreneurial spirit and ambition, this list of the five best UK income ideas for 2023 is a great starting point. Remember that no matter which idea you choose, it’s essential to develop a comprehensive plan, access good capital sources, and establish a professional network before taking the plunge. With hard work and dedication, British entrepreneurs nationwide can realise their goals.