What do you do if you are unable to treat yourself but struggle to deal with your mental health alone? An app can be downloaded. The number of mental health apps available to smartphone users has increased in recent years. These affordable or most often free applications for mental health provide a variety of tools that enhance access to, portable and cost-effective therapeutics.

About Mental Health Apps

Sal Raichbach, PsyD, LCSW feels that applications for mental health can reach people who otherwise would not be assisted by reducing treatment barriers. “Seeking professional treatment for their mental health concerns is, unfortunately, the smallest proportion,” he said. “This can be for any number of purposes: because of extreme anxiety or lack of movement they cannot physically leave their houses, or because they cannot afford financial means.”

Another aspect of the applications’ attraction is their anonymity. “Anyone who is too humiliated to disclose their personal problems may be secret and privacy-free. Apps can also provide privacy and secrecy.

Here are Some Apps List Below

1)    notOK: Depression


The notOk App® removes the guesswork to seek assistance when you are sensitive. We shall tell you’re confident contacts that they have been picked as your support team, so you simply have to open the app and hit the huge, red notOK® button when the moment comes, and you need to reach it.

NoOK is a free app for adolescents built by a hard-working teenager (and her younger brother). The app has a huge, red button that allows close friends, family, and their support network to know that support is necessary.

As part of their support network, users may add up to five reliable contacts and send a message along with their current GPS position to their connections when they touch the digital panic button. “Hey, I’m not alright!” read the message! Call, text, or locate me please. Please.

All about support is TalkLife. There are many people in our group who felt alone, fought depression, or lived with anxiety and wanted to speak somewhere secure. TalkLife is a pleasant community where individuals talk about how they feel, alone, misunderstood, sad or feel ok.

People use TalkLife for helping at the wrong times, but also for celebrating the good. You, your thoughts, are vital to your feelings – do not bottle them. You can anonymously even sell.

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  • Happyify

Do you need a joyful fix? The Happify app is your quick track towards high mood with its psychologist-approved mood-training program. Try many fun games, recommendations for activities that promote thankfulness, and more to train your brain like a muscle to conquer negative thoughts. The best thing? This is free! This is free! (Android and iOS free)

Happify’s science-based games and activities can assist to decrease stress, combat negative thinking, and build resilience through efficient emotional well-being tools and programs.

Our approaches are created in the domains of positive psychology, conscientiousness, and cognitive-behavioral treatment by top scientists and professionals that have studied for decades evidence-based therapies.

  • Shine: Stress

Awarded the best lifestyle app to Google Play Award Standout Well-Being App & 2019 Webby Award winner.

Shine is committed to facilitating, more representative and more inclusive care for your mental health. The Shine application helps you to meditate, connect, and think about a daily practice of self-care.

Listen every day to a new Daily Shine meditation. Thinking about your appreciation or talking to the community after hearing it.

5)    Moodfit: Fitness for Your Mental Health

Everyone is entitled to improve their mental health and maintain it. Whether you want to enhance your mood, create emotional resilience, or deal with stress, depression, or anxiety symptoms, Moodfit is your friend.

Good fit combines the most popular tools for excellent mental health and helps you understand what lets your mood rise and fall.


– CBT has been pondering a record of changing negative thinking.

– Tools to assist establish a meditation practice in gratitude or conscientiousness.

– Breathing techniques in stressful times to offer quick comfort.

– Grounding technique to remove anxiety-producing ideas from our attention.

– Customized reminders to build fresh ideas based on positive messaging.

– Articles, suggestions, and encouragement to help you stay on track.


The ability to track your anxiety is a key feature of many mental health applications. Such applications can provide you with information to assist you to recognize moments when you are worried and then can help you quickly capture your mood and events prior to those anxieties.

Monitoring and recording your anxious sentiments might enable you to identify the factors that commonly lead to these sensations. Once you know the indications, you can handle the events that give you worry and relaxation, which can assist you to restore your balance. Written and Edited By apkabout free Download Apps and Games for Android