So how are you guys and I hoping you are all fine then the topic we will be talking about today is some of the mobile applications that have gained a lot of popularity on the Play Store? So if you have an Android mobile standby, I hope you are familiar with all these applications as these apps are very famous on your Android mobile. Most of them are very common nowadays.

Most of these applications are already available on your mobile. The mobile company provides built-in apps so you can easily access all of these applications on your phone. The most awesome thing is that Google has officially provided the collection of applications, so this is very authentic data.

I’m going to provide a list of all the applications that contain at least five billion installations on the Play Store add I am only talking about the Play Store, but if we discuss the rest of the app stores is much bigger than we can expect.

So if you want to figure out this application and the features, stay connected with us, and we will let you know the complete information about these products, so let’s start.

  1. YouTube App

YouTube application is the most famous application available on the Play Store. It makes sure that I’m talking about the overall rating worldwide, and I’m not quoting the specified area or country, so this record is based on ratings received by users worldwide.

So we will discuss some important information about YouTube, and then we will move forward to usage of the YouTube application.

YouTube is a social broadcasting 70s, and Google provides it; officially, the first video was uploaded in 2010, and now it’s 2021. However, YouTube has been around for over ten years, and the first video on it was uploaded about eleven years ago today.

At the time of release, Google had no idea that this service would be very successful, and it proved to be very useful to the people because it has many features that people are taking advantage of very well. So there is a big process going on in people’s lives.

It is an application that gives you many features, and the best thing is that you do not have to pay any money for it, but this application is already available on your mobile. So when you buy a new mobile, this application is present in your mobile, and it’s called a pre-installed feature.

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With the help of this application, you can watch many videos, and it contains all kinds of videos from all over the world and the kind of videos you want to watch on it. You can watch any movies, songs, documentaries, or TV series, and the best thing is that you will be able to get all these things for free.

The YouTube app has also become a source of employment for many people as it makes your content very popular, and if your content popularity among the people increases tremendously. So YouTube rewards you and pays you a good amount, and nowadays, many such unemployed people are going into this field because they know if they want to see themselves somewhere. So they need to upload their content on YouTube.

YouTube App Features

  • Watch unlimited videos including Movies, Songs, TV Drama and much more
  • Get the fame by making priceless content for the YouTube channel
  • Earn money through the YouTube channel
  • Share funny or interesting videos on different social media platforms
  • Check out the trending videos of your country
  1. Google Maps App

So now, let’s talk about Google Maps. Friends, I know that you will be very familiar with this application because this application is used a lot. However, if you are traveling somewhere, you may have some problems because when you travel to a new place, you do not know the route very well, and given this, Google launched an application called Google Maps.

There is little to appreciate about this application as it allows you to get a complete map of any place, and one of the reasons for its popularity is that it provides accuracy. The map will tell you exactly what the road is. If you follow the map correctly, you can reach your favorite place, and it works well in every country. There is complete data for each country.

Whether you are on a road or a small street, this application tracks your location, and the app knows which way to go until you reach your destination.

Google also provides this application, and it was launched in 2012, and now that 2021 has come, in almost nine years, this application has improved a lot, and its developers are improving it day by day.

Google Maps Features

  • It traces your location perfectly
  • Its GPS tracking senor is stunning
  • Find the total distance of two selected area in Kilometer
  • Trace the locations of connected devices
  1. Google Search App

Google Search is an application on which you can search anything, and this facility is also provided to you for free. It includes millions of different types of websites, and it has a database in which all types of data beta are collected.

One thing you have to consider is that this is the third consecutive application that Google has provided, so my point is that all the applications at the moment are very popular on the Play Store. Let me tell you an amazing fact: The Play Store is a Google App Store.

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Google Search Features

  • Search any text or keyword
  • Search the image on “Google Image.”
  • The execution time is perfect
  • Get all the required data
  • Browse different websites through Google search
  1. Google Text-To-Speech App

Google also provides this application, so Google discussions are going on worldwide at the moment. It is also very popular on the Play Store, so this is the fourth application provided by and on the Play Store. It has received a lot of acceptance worldwide.

I am using this tool now, and with the help of this tool, I am giving you complete blog information because it is an app that allows you to write whatever you say and convert it to text form. So you don’t have to type when the app is available, and this is a great application that can help you write whatever you want to write.


  • Text-to-speech tool
  • Supporting maximum languages worldwide
  • Translating languages into different languages
  • Translate one language sentence into dozens of different languages
  1. Gmail App

So now, we have the fifth application provided by Google, so now we can say that Google introduces the five most popular applications in the Play Store, and this application was created in 2010. So was, and since then, it has improved a lot.

Speaking of this application, let me tell you that this is an email service application on which you can send your message to another person from home and this service is also provided by Google for free and if you have any If you work in the business industry, you can send meaningful information through this mailing service.

Gmail App Features

  • Send & receive different text messages
  • Very useful for business & study purpose
  • Very secured system and protects user privacy
  • No data Leakage is expected