When you want to replace your old concrete floor with a cost-effective flooring solution, you may want to consider epoxy flooring. Epoxy floor coatings are on-demand in industrial and commercial flooring. These coatings are applied over concrete flooring to provide a smooth, durable, and high-performance surface that can last years and can withstand heavy loads. Epoxy comprises a mixture of polymer resins and hardening chemicals to form a plastic material that bonds and adheres well to flooring. You can have multiple layers of epoxy material applied onto a floor. It works well when applied over concrete. This kind of flooring creates a shiny high-gloss surface that increases the brightness within a space. It is ideal for high traffic areas within residential and commercial premises or industrial spaces. When looking for a professional contractor, Floor Ace is one installer that comes to mind when we think about the professional installation and maintenance of epoxy floors. There are many advantages to using epoxy, continue reading to learn more. 

So, what are the advantages of using epoxy floors?

Great Appearance while Covering Defects

Applying epoxy flooring can change spaces into sleek areas. You can use it in your garage to spruce up its look. When light bounces off your epoxy floor, it makes the space to gain a new dimension. You may want to use epoxy to cover defects on existing floors. By hiding imperfections on your existing concrete floor, it means that your home looks incredible and attractive in people’s eyes. Also, contact WJD Flooring Specialists that give the hest flooring results. 

The unexpected effect of epoxy flooring brisbane transforms your area. It allows you to convert your garage into a multi-purpose space with clean, non-slip, and low-maintenance flooring.


Using epoxy offers an affordable solution to floor installation. Removing your existing floor to install vinyl or new tiles can put up additional costs. If your concrete floor isn’t offering you the look and functionality you need, you may consider epoxy. It will provide a cost-effective solution that gives you industrial-style flooring. While epoxy resin installation allows several coats with different drying times in between, you will still spend less time and money than opting for a flooring solution.

Offers Resistance to Encroaching Elements

Giving your garage, laundry room, warehouse floor, or basement an epoxy coating can help block away harmful elements that are associated with high traffic spaces. It features different kinds of resistance that make it ideal for areas receiving high traffic. It bears the brunt when it comes to heat, massive shock, water, and chemicals. Since cars release corrosive chemicals, that’s why you find epoxy resin coating on garages a great choice.


You don’t need to redo your epoxy floor after the initial installation, not until many years. The material endures longer than carpets, tiles, and wood flooring because it can resist elements like water, shock, and stains. You don’t need to replace your epoxy floor so often.

More Strength

Epoxy isn’t just able to handle shocks and impacts. It can also counter loads and weights. Its tensile strength makes it stand above other flooring material. Adding epoxy resin to concrete can help enhance the ability of the flooring surface to hold weight.

Do you want a durable, robust, cost-effective, and chemical-resistance flooring solution that offers a shiny glossy finish? You may want to consider epoxy flooring. It is ideal for garages, workspaces, basements, auto shorts, commercial kitchens, warehouses, factories, retail stores, and hospitals.