Everyone from celebrities and influencers to your best friends is flaunting their bubble bath photos, meditation, and yoga poses. If you’re interested in self-care but don’t know where to begin, we’ve got you covered.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a retreat or spend a weekend in nature to practice self-care–it may be as simple as drinking a few more glasses of water, or challenging yourself to try a new facial mask. We’ve compiled a list of simple ways to unwind, refuel, and refocus from the comfort of your own home.

#1 Self-Care Tip: Make time for yourself.

When you’re busy checking in with loved ones and putting out fires at work, taking care of yourself can slip to the bottom of your to-do list. All you need is a few minutes to indulge yourself, whether it’s a fast workout or a few deep breaths in between meetings. Pamper your skin to add a beauty element to your me-time. Try Plant Mother’s organic vegan serums, known for their skin-nourishing and anti-aging benefits. Apply Plant Mother Vitamin C serum in the morning. You might be inspired to take a few contemplative breaths since it smells so lovely. Or use Plant Mother Organic Vegan Retinol Serum before bedtime. It’s a luxurious, nourishing treat for your skin.

#2 Self-Care Tip: Get your body moving.

Working up is an important aspect of giving your body some love, but it often takes a second place to late-night catch-ups with your friends. While exercise has obvious physical benefits, physical activity–whether it’s a lengthy stroll or a quick workout session at home–offers significant mental health benefits. Endorphins, which are happy hormones, are released when you exercise. What’s the end result? You’ll be calmer and happier.

#3 Self-Care Tip: Drink plenty of water.

Aiming for eight cups of water may sound daunting at first, but it’s not so bad when you realize how beneficial water is for your body. Your skin, too, requires more hydration. Show your face some self-love with some extra moisturizing action, whether you have dry skin, or under-eye bags you’d like to get rid of. You don’t have time for a face mask? Make sure you drink plenty of water – avoid plastic bottles and choose either filtered water or reusable bottles.

#4 Self-Care Tip: Get organized.

When deadlines and emails are draining you, a quick cleaning session might help you reclaim energy and sense of control. There’s always an easy method to add organization to your life, whether it’s doing laundry, or drafting a simple to-do list.