Tempe city, popularly known as the college town of Tempe, is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The city is particularly attractive to young people looking for places to move to. The proximity of Tempe to Arizona state university has contributed to the vibrant character of this area. Tempe was ranked 18th in the US ‘’top 100 places to live.’’

Why Is the Tempe Suburb Appealing to Live in?

Cost of Living

Although the cost of living is higher than average, other items such as groceries, healthcare, transportation, and utilities are cheaper. Rent averages around $1200 for single rooms, while property purchases stand at around $300k.

Variety of Entertainment

If you enjoy some nights of fun, Tempe is an excellent place for you as there are popular bars, diverse cuisines, and live music. If you are the kind that enjoys the outdoors, some places to visit are local parks, mountains, among others.

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Efficient Public Transport

You don’t need to worry about moving around as there are many options. You can use trains, streetcars, and buses which go through many neighborhoods. If you cycle, there are cycleways for you.

Higher Rates of Employment

Tempe’s unemployment rate is below the national average, and therefore you are unlikely to be unemployed in Tempe as most companies are always hiring. Notable employers are; healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and business services

Here are 4 notable neighborhoods you can choose from as a young professional:

1)Cyprus Southwest Neighborhood

This is a beautiful neighborhood with unique architectural designs, social amenities, and low crime rates. Schools in the neighborhood are highly rated as top-notch. Notable social amenities include many shopping centers and public libraries.

2)Camelot Village Neighborhood

Are you looking to belong to a community of neighbors? The residents here live in a close-knit community. They celebrate festivities such as Halloween together. Amenities to enjoy include supermarkets, gyms, cafes, among many others. Are you thinking about your kids’ schooling? There are many different level schools, from elementary, middle, and senior schools.

3)Dava Lakeshore Neighborhood

This is an excellent environment with low crime rates, great schools, and many job opportunities. As a resident, you will enjoy various amenities, including cinemas, restaurants, supermarkets, and others. Corbel park is a great place for family picnics and often acts as a playground for kids. There are also many all levels of schools in the neighborhood, hence, you will not need to worry about where to take your kids to school.

4) Alta Mira Neighborhood

 Alta Mira is known for its appealing sidewalks, popular amenities, safety, and great schools. The most popular properties you will find here are single-family homes, condos, and townhomes. Available amenities include Godwin park, shopping centers, and fantastic restaurants. There are also many job opportunities in the neighborhood.

Have you decided to move to Tempe yet? Tempe is a fantastic place to live if you are a young professional because there is plenty to make your life enjoyable; from various affordable houses, many jobs, and plenty of social amenities and entertainment.