Extracting images from the text could be a difficult task especially when done manually. This is usually because it needs special attention for accurate entry as well as it takes a lot of time.

In today’s era, technology has made our lives easier. The availability of different gadgets has improved the processes in different fields.

For example, technology has improved the way of communication worldwide. Similarly, converting images is now possible with the help of the online tools that are available on the internet.

The image to text conversion tools is accurate and faster to convert the printed data into the editable format. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the best images to text conversion tools that are available on the internet and provides conversion accuracy. 

How does the image text tool work?

The image to text converter usually has algorithms at the backend to compare your image with the elements in their database.

When you paste or upload the image in the tool, it analyzes the printed elements in the image and try to find the most relevant character in the tool’s database.

Some online tools are utilizing the technology of artificial intelligence that automatically enhances the accuracy of converting the images into text.

The image to text tools is also available for the smartphone where you can easily capture the image with your camera and convert it into text.

Best online tools to use in 2021

·        Google Products

Although Google doesn’t offer the OCR tool directly to the users the OCR is available in different Google Products.

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The Google Products with OCR include Google translator, Google Drive, and Google keep. The most amazing OCR technology is in Google Drive.

We all know the importance of Google Drive to store images, videos, and documents. Sometimes, you might have to find a text or keyword within your stored documents and for this, you can easily utilize Google’s OCR.

You will just need to enter the search query in the search box and it will show the relevant image to you.

·        Prepostseo


Prepostseo is another brand that offersan image to text converter. With the option of pasting the image via URL or uploading it from your device, this tool is quite popular amongst different professionals.

As it provides the OCR app for Android users, it is beneficial for businessmen to convert their printed documents into the editable format by just clicking the photo from mobile.

Once you upload, it will provide you the text which can be copied or download for sharing on any platform.

You can upload the image in different formats including PDF, PNG, JPG, etc.

·        SimpleOCR

This is another simple tool that offersa user-friendly interface along with accurate conversion. The best thing about this tool is the conversion of handwritten text into digital format.

The simple OCR tool is usually used by the data entry professionals when they have to enter the hand-written work on the computer.

It just takes some seconds to upload the image and then convert the handwritten words into a computerized format.

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·        PDF2Go

PDF2Go is also an online tool that works on the technology of OCR to convert images and PDFs into text.

With its simple interface, users can upload their photos, paste the URL of the document, or upload the file from Dropbox and Google Drive for conversion.

This tool is available in different languages and after conversion, you can also translate the text into your language.

If you don’t know the language printed on the image, the tool uses advanced technology to automatically detects the language.

This is a completely free tool for everyone and to use it, you don’t need to register on the website. Users just need to log in and upload the image to use this.


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