Social media’s various platforms have transformed the functioning of businesses, especially their interactivity with customers and prospective clients. For example, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and YouTube provide individuals opportunities to express and identify themselves among communities. 

Certain studies of 2019 revealed that an average adult in the US spends about 4 hours a day on mobile. Suppose how fruitful it can be if you target and connect with other individuals on platforms where you already spend your quality time. This gives social media immense power; hence, it’s an unmatched tool in recent times. In the context of cannabis marketing, social media posts are much preferable as you can’t run paid ads on such products.

The mantra to get fame on social media is to be consistent with your posts and other quality content. So, let’s explore how you can use social media platforms existing already in your devices for your business and profits.

Using Social Media Marketing To Grow Your CBD Brand

  • Trending Keywords & Cannabis Hashtags

SEO strategies in an important aspect of fetching traffic for your online business. Search for trending keywords relevant to CBD products and include them in your blog posts, articles, web content, etc., that you post on your CBD brand’s website.

Keywords can be included in two ways- either in plain text form, in-between blogs or captions of the product’s images, and secondly, in the form of CBD hashtags. You need to research religiously to filter out the best keywords and cannabis hashtags to attain a high readership that can ultimately be converted into prospective customers.

Instagram and Facebook usually prohibit sensitive hashtags, like those including “cannabis” or “weed.” Sometimes, their algorithm also makes your hard-made posts hidden. So, focus on keywords that won’t get you or your online business flagged. 

Advanced SEO techniques including trending keywords and cannabis hashtags is one of the most crucial social media marketing techniques.

  • Consistent Posting

You can witness people from all age groups and races of life on social media. Usually, people scroll through their feeds in the evening or late at night for recreation after their busy schedules. So, be specific about the community that you find relevant and treat it like your target audience. Then, research the best time to post and the number of posts you need to upload to maintain your place even in the crowd.

For instance, a fashion brand must post at least once a day, mainly during the evening when people are relaxed and feel free to shop. Similarly, for social CBD marketing, the brand needs to examine the best time and the number of required daily posts.

  • Creative Content

A CBD brand must invest time and resources to generate diversified and interesting content to take away the viewer’s gaze and convince them to buy it. Of course, creating and sharing only one type of content, blogs, or web articles, won’t be enough. Engage in the usage of other popular formats of content production like videos, boomerangs, gifs, podcasts, etc., to educate and advertise your brand, creating a greater impact on their minds. Remember that what looks good is what sells in the market; thus, compelling content can give you the buzz and engagement you want for your cannabis brand.

  • Collaborate with Influencers

The biggest hurdle in the cannabis industry is cannabis marketing due to the imposed restrictions. This blocks the entry of most conventional marketing methods into the CBD community. Thus, a sharp mindset and creative content are the main things a CBD business owner requires to be successful here. Another profound way to promote such products is by collaborating with social media influencers to boost cannabis business social network.

The people having influence over a certain community of the public are whom we call “influencers.” They create content and make a place in the hearts of their viewers. As a result, many brands request them to become ambassadors due to their massive fan following. So, what happens here is that if a CBD brand collab with any famous social media influencer, then his posts won’t appear like direct promotional posts, but as if some user or experienced individual is recommending the cannabis products. 

So, you see, influencer marketing is an incredible method to promote and market cannabis products and brands without getting strangled in the chaos of marketing legalities. 

A Few Last Words

The imposed restrictions, legalities, and legislation that wraps around the cannabis industry is a big hurdle for CBD brand owners. But social media that exists on all of our phones, where we spend most of our time, can be used to overcome this obstacle and achieve efficient cannabis marketing.

The consistent posts with the usage of innovative video and audio formats via some big and reputed influencer profiles can turn things in the blink of an eye. Research is the key so invest time specifying the target audience for your brand and use trending keywords and cannabis hashtags relevant to your products to derive even better traffic to your business website. Follow these steps to achieve fruitful social CBD marketing.

There are various social media marketing services like blogging, social bookmarking, video-sharing, social networks, etc. Which can be used to enhance the online presence of the cannabis brands and engage more audience in it, as a consequence, bringing bigger profits.